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Your Social Network Profile

by Joseph

What Not to Include in Your Social Network Profile

Over the past couple of years, social networks have rapidly increased in popularity. One reason social networking websites have become so popular is because they allow users to easily connect with other internet users, many of which will share the same beliefs and interests as you do. Finding these people means you will need to first join a social networking site and create your personal profile. It has often been said the key to finding and making new friends online is in your social networking profile

Your social network profile is very important, as stated above, when it comes to meeting other social networking users. As a rule, people are looking to talk to others who share at least some of the same ideas, beliefs, goals and interests. If you do not, have a personal profile, it is hard if not completely impossible to know what your interests and hobbies actually are. You will need a complete social networking profile.

pictures and detailed personal information

If you peruse the internet, you will find a lot of advice on what to include in your profile or display page. When talking about social networking profiles it has been stated that pictures and detailed personal information is the number one thing you should remember to add. This is good information that will definitely help you improve page views; however, this may not be exactly what you are looking for.

You may not realize this but most social networking websites do not place any restrictions on who can view your personal profile. Truth be told there are people on the internet who will be able to easily view your profile information and they do not even belong to your online community.

Think about the fact that literally, anyone could be viewing your social networking profile, on most sites anyway and you will see the necessity of being cautious. What this means to you should really be focusing on what not to put in your online profile instead of what to include. If you want to protect your safety online and off this is the best advice you could get.

Anything posted to the internet it is practically immortal

Like was stated previously photographs are definitely recommended for social networking websites. This can even be a personal photograph if you like; however, you need to carefully consider the images you choose. Remember once something is posted to the internet it is practically immortal so avoid suggestive or revealing photos. Even if you are unconcerned about who could see you in such a pose you should realize that there are those out there who when viewing this type of image might wish to do you harm.

Once you have determined which images of yourself to post to your social networking website profile you will want to think about the rest of your information. Posting too much personal information with an up to date picture of yourself could spell disaster, an image enough is not going to allow someone to find you in real life, but coupled with your full name and address makes for a dangerous situation. Use only your first name or even your middle name when creating a profile, you want to make it difficult for people to find you offline and this will do the trick.

Location is another safety concern when creating a social networking profile. Many of the online sites prefer you enter both the city and state, however if you can get away with it avoid listing the city and only give your state of residence. For the sites that require a city and state, it is wisdom to list a neighboring city, particularly if you live in a rural area or small town.

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