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Why Losing your Best Friend is Bad

Best friends have a unique bond that can only be described as personal and special. Although people often discuss what having the best friend is like, the effects of losing them are not often spoken of. Losing your best friend can be devastating and can take many years to get over. You will feel an incredible love for your best friend; however, it is a different love than you have in a relationship.

Often people do not understand this, or appreciate how you feel when you lose your best friend. There are no guidelines, or social acceptance for the loss that you are feeling. Many people simply expect you to get over it and move on with your life. However, this is far harder than you may think, and for some people, they will never get over the loss of their best friend.

Your best friend will be the person who you talk to in a crisis, who you turn to when you have good news. The bond that you have is incredible, and losing that is very hard no matter how long you have known them. If your partner dies, or leaves you there is a huge amount of sympathy. However, if the same happens to your best friend people will not offer the same comfort.

When you are not given time to grieve after losing your best friend, it can have a devastating effect on your life. You will feel lost and alone and often need time to come to terms with losing your best friend. No matter how you have lost your best friend it will leave a hole in your life, which can often not be filled. You will need time to slowly get over it and begin to relive your life without that special person in it.

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Losing Your Best Friend

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