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Young Weezy

by Dizzle
(Bloomsburg, PA)

I have a friend whose last name is Weaser, so me and some other friends began to call her Young Weezy. Now, it seemed obvious to us that this name came from the popular rapper Young Jeezy, however our friend Weaser did not know this.

So my friends and I began to say "Young Weeeeezzyyyy" in tune with the song every time she would enter the room. Eventually, Weaser grew concerned about where her nickname came from and questioned us, and we couldn't believe she didn't realize where we had gotten it from.

Now fast forward about 9 months and I buy her a shirt that has a picture of Young Jeezy, also known as Young Weezy, and under his picture it says "Free Weezy." So I had Weaser the shirt and she looks at me and goes, "I don't get it....who is he?" Haha, she's a lost cause.

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