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Yes, Some men Still are Faithful

by Jennifer
(Comstock Park, Mi)

Most men now a days are not faithful. It is very hard to find a faithful and loving man out there in today's society, but honestly they do still exist!

The best way to determine if the man you are interested in is faithful, trusting and loyal is to see where their heart lies. If their heart lies in material possessions, money, his job, etc you are dealing with a normal run of the mill man. While normal run of the mill man can surprise us and end up being faithful, most are not.

If you find a man who's heart lies in the Lord, their family and their friends you are more then likely dealing with a faithful and honest man.

Yes, faithful men no matter how rare do exist!

In fact I personally know a few who still run with the statement that "Nice guys finish last" and usually as cliche as that sounds it does end up being true.

Women tend to go into a relationship, be it friendship or more thinking that at any given time that man may cheat or leave her.

Its horrible that the world has honestly come down to this. Its because there are too few men in the world willing to stand up and prove they are a true gentleman willing to open doors, pay for dinners and dates, openly show their love and admiration and etc. There are many like this out there, the true loving, honest and faithful kind. They are there and truly are worth searching, looking and hunting for.

The more good men that stand up the more faithful and good men the world will see and eventually nice guys wont finish last. All guys will finish the same and be faithful, wonderful, and loving men.

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