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Words of Comfort

4.) For words of comfort

Words of Comfort

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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words of comfort to uplift you

Friendships can be a very positive part of people's lives provided you as an individual take time to chose your relationships with care.

While your best friends have the ability to help brighten your days and enhance your life, they also have the ability to do just the opposite.

Some friends can help relieve you of stress while others can be the main contributors of depression in your life. Choosing friends wisely is as important as deciding which ones to finally let go of. Sometimes the negatives outweigh the positives and you find that certain friends in your life are actually causing you more stress than you need or deserve.

However based on my own life experience, I would caution you not to discard friendships too hastily since once the bridges have been burned they are oftentimes not salvageable. If one of your friends crossed your mind as you read this, here is my small piece of advice, take some time and step back and do some honest careful thinking before cutting off ties with your friend in that moment of anger.

Words of comfort to cheer you up

That being said, friendships for the most part are and can be a very pleasant aspect of our lives. Friends can provide that much needed words of comfort that can help to cheer you up when life is getting the best of you.

Good friends are usually some of the first people that are there for you when you lose a loved one or lose your job, endure a break-up or divorce, receive horrible news from your doctor, or maybe just provide advice or a very attentive ear while they sit and listen to you. They can also be ones that call and ask what they can do for you when you are sick and may come over with some delicious home-cooked soup made with love to cheer you up and speed you on to recovery. Funny friends are good to have as they can indeed help to cheer you up.

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