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Women Have Varied Personality

by Sweetu

Women are very different in their personality. They have sense of insecurity and loneliness in them. So once they tell the truth online and find a partner they assume him to be the right man in her life. But this is not always the truth.

In reality men take advantage of women who crave for attention and then treat them lavishly with expensive gifts and are always with them. Women compare themselves with their friends and are always out there to impress. Women usually are not honest when they are asked about their age. But if complimented they take it the other way by saying that at this age, I look prettier and younger.

Most women are dedicated, faithful, honest, loyal and truthful and are always by the side in most difficult situations after marriage. But if humiliated and not given proper respect in a relation, they will walk out without giving a thought. But the success of a happy relationship is based on three important things: faith, honesty and trust. Women always have faith and trust on their partner but when things keep repeating and there is no change in the behavior then it is very difficult.

Always be honest to your partner then only one can succeed in life. Small misunderstandings do happen but it is the faith and trust that will sail away the worries. So though a woman has varied personality, she can go to any extent and sacrifice her life for the well being of others. A woman matures with age and takes everything in her life in a positive stride.

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