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Women have an in-built sense of loyalty

by Lata Vijaya Raghavan
(Bangalore, India)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that women in general – barring a few exceptions – have an in-built sense of loyalty to their men.

As early as in teens, a normal woman starts dreaming of an ideal man – ideal here means a man with a sound character and not just looks – in whose company she would start her own home, bear children and bring them up in the best possible way. This is nothing abnormal, but a normal aspiration of a very normal woman.

Hence, subconsciously, she is always on the lookout for the right person. Though the woman of today can pose a serious competition to men in all facets of life, given a choice, she would still love to go back to being the faithful wife and mother, a typical housewife, if the man she loves respects and loves her for what she is.

A woman, if she finds the right man, would rather use her knowledge and education on bringing up her kids and teaching them the right values in life, instead of rubbing shoulders with men and working late hours at office.

There are of course, some women, who would rather be out and out professional persons instead of conforming to the definition of proverbial housewife. According to me, such women should not marry but concentrate on their careers and have harmless dates here and there, because our society is quite liberal in such matters now.

Am I putting the so called feminists off with these women-oriented statements?

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