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Women Cannot be Completely Trusted

Let us take it back to the garden of Eden. Eve was responsible for making her husband fall. The morale of the story is forever true. Women are full of wiles.

I remember meeting a lady in a chat room and she told me she was athletic, and added a little weight recently because she was not working out regularly. When we finally fixed a meeting I was surprised to see a chubby lady walking towards me. I almost ducked when I saw her. I have nothing against chubby people but I hate liars. It was obvious she used her sister’s picture and never works out. Women have an ability to string men along even when they already have a boyfriend.

Can women be trusted? I will say no.

Women tell men exactly what we want to hear. For most women getting a man is more important, they will deal with the little lies later, believing that once a man is in love he will overlook the little lies. Women never tell you the truth about their age. You always need to add a couple of years to get the real one, they don’t use their pictures on dating sites. If you want to hear the truth women cannot be completely trusted. In case you doubt me ask your mom.

Every woman has secrets she will never tell her man even married couples are in this group. They just think it is better to be safe than to tell it all because you will use it against them.

A relationship is about taking risk with your heart, there is a chance it will get broken and women want all the benefits of the relationship but are not willing to put their hearts on the line. It is the reason they give a man their Facebook password to prove they are faithful but delete all messages from other men.

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May 26, 2013
Everyone Lies NOT just woman NEW
by: Alex

Everyone lies NOT just woman. You don't think men when they meet a woman online lie about they weight, too? Well they do! Everyone lies It something both men and woman do. Does this mean nobody should trust each other? No - that's stupid.

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