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Women are Truly Good and Faithful


I believe that women truly are good, faithful and truthful when they find the right man. The right man being a man that is good, faithful and truthful to them as well.

I feel many women are disheartened today because of the fact that every where you look society is basically saying that it is okay to cheat on your spouse or romantic partner, its okay to be dishonest and untruthful to get ahead in life and that you don't always have to be a good person, you just have to be good at acting as if you are one.

However, when a woman finds that man, that one and only man that treats her like a Princess and spoils her, not with money or fancy gifts, but with love, respect, support and fancy words full of nothing but meaning; then and only then will a woman let her complete guard down and feel safe enough to be faithful and truthful to that man.

Once that man makes a given woman feel that way not only will she be able to be faithful and truthful and good to and with him, but those wonderful traits will also appear to seep into her daily life and make her a stronger, wiser, more beautiful and well balanced woman in herself, and in her relationship, and also in her walk with the Lord.

So, yes I fully believe that all women have the capability to be faithful, good and truthful women when loved and cared for by the Master and the man that God has chosen for us in our lives. It takes awhile to find him, but when she does beautiful things happen. Including the Faithfulness and Trust.

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