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Women are Faithful and Truthful Depending on the Circumstances

by Preeti

It is really a debatable question as to whether women are faithful and truthful about what they post on their online profiles.

Both men and women are created equal but it is the human nature which varies from person to person.

Previously we were taught by our parents and elders to always speak the truth and never tell a lie. But in the present day the society has changed a lot and circumstances are created where women are forced to be dishonest.

Many a times the situation is such that women are forced to tell a lie so that they are able to get what they want. If they don’t tell a lie and remain honest they cannot get what they desire. So it is basically the circumstance which they face that forces them to go out of way and reveal something on their profile which is not true.

But if women or for that matter men get into a relationship as a result of dishonesty it does not last long. One day or the other the truthfulness comes to the forefront and the intimate relationships they had breaks within a fraction of second. It takes years to build an intimate and loving relationship based on faith and trust but it hardly takes a minute to break it.

To conclude I can say that it is always advisable for women to be honest and faithful and face the challenges. If women are honest and faithful they can overcome all problems in life and have a long enduring relationship based on trust and understanding.

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