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Women are actually attracted to such men

by sanjay vintha

Me being a guy I can tell you that being faithful online is the most difficult thing at times when men in real life also are not faithful.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG -- I am sure there are plenty of faithful men out there, but the ones who do lie and cheat have definitely made a reputation for themselves.

Also any women want a strong powerful man who can take care of things and is able to get what he wants in life. "Women are actually attracted to such men!" And most men try to be the men a girl is looking for. Nothing wrong with that but it's when the real man comes out the problem starts. Most ladies will not understand nor feel that we have changed and the breakup is on the cards...

For an online relationship to be successful both men and women have to be understanding and ready to adjust to foes that creep in later on in the relationship...

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