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Women are Absolutely the Same as Men

Whether we are speaking about real life situation, or a date in some virtual environment such as a chat room, the answer is simple: of course women are neither truthful, nor faithful.

Naturally, every generalization is basically wrong, but I think that we can be pretty much on the safe side when we say that women like to lie, and to deceive, and to present themselves in the way that would be more flattering to their age or looks.

Do we really need a proof for such an obvious statement? How many women you meet in a bar, or a night club, will reveal the fact that they use too much makeup just to hide the imperfections of their skin – no matter how small they would be – or to talk to you about their age? None, I would say. The same rules of engagement can be applied in the aforementioned virtual space.

In an artificial environment, a woman will find it even more tempting to hide everything discriminating. Changing a profile picture? Why not. Giving away wrong impressions about her personality? Even better. Lying? Why, of course.

And here comes the great revelation: they don’t do it because they are women, and it is in their nature to be deceitful, but because they are absolutely the same as men.

It is in human nature to lie. And lies often work just swell (in the same manner as a woman will fall for a guy who is supposedly a wealthy lawyer, a man would fall for a girl who tells him that she’s ten years younger, and has large breasts – which can easily be the merit of a wonder-bra)…

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