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Women Act as Per Situations

by Sony

Human beings are created as equal by God. Just as our five fingers differ in size similarly human beings differ in their nature and characteristics.

It is the upbringing which matters a lot. Gone are the days when woman were confined to the four walls of the houses. They hardly had access to the outside world. But the impact of modernization, industrialization and westernization has totally changed the role of woman. Now a day we see women occupying higher positions in all jobs.

It is a very difficult question to answer as to whether women are faithful and truthful. Not all women are dishonest and untruthful when it comes to posting online profile. But a few are and it may be due to the situation or the circumstances they come across in life. Women have to play multiple roles at home as someone’s wife, mother, daughter etc. and another role at workplace. In balancing the roles sometimes there is role conflict and as a result they are bound to be dishonest.

Women are no doubt dedicated and honest and try hard to adjust to the situations. In marriages also we see that it is the women who sacrifices and makes the most adjustment if something goes wrong with his partner.

But sometimes the situation becomes such that she is bound to tell a lie in her profile as she wants to come out of the relationship and start something new. Though some women portray fake details in their profiles to get into a relationship but they should remember that those relationships do not last long. One day or the other the person will come to know the truth and once the truth is known the relationship breaks within a fraction of second.

So it can be concluded by saying that women should be truthful and honest and face the challenges strongly. If they are truthful and honest they can overcome any problem they come across in life and have a long lasting relationship.

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