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Woman are just like Men

by Rhonda
(Mt Holly,NJ)

There is no difference between men and women. We lie about our age and weight and looks for the same reasons that men do. We want to be loved. We are not always truthful and virtuous. But we are always human!

Women are susceptible to the same fears and nerves that men have, we want to have some one in our lives that thinks that we are fabulous.

Some women are honest, just as some men are. Often, these people learn very quickly that being completely honest can lead to rejection. These same people may make the decision to be a little less truthful or honest the next time. This is not always a sign of being devious , but being lonely.

Everyone wants to be judged based on who they really are. Sometimes they may feel the best way for someone to get to know them is to tell a small lie first, until they get acquainted. This can backfire, but is doesn't make the individual a bad person, just desperate and lonely. Lonely is a terrible place to be.

So are women faithful and, but is anyone?

It is important to remember that women are humans. They have the same emotions that men do. If we can understand why a man would lie, then we should be able to see it from the other side as well. Women can be truthful, just like a man can. Women can be faithful, just like a man can. It is a choice and a lot of factors into every choice, nothing is cut and dry.

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