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Wild and Fun Friend and Family Reunion

This is a video that captures the January night in which members of the Mawardi family flew into Florida from as far as California and New York City to reunite.

The occasion was to celebrate the grand opening of the Mawardi Family's new club, Deko Lounge, which is one of the state of Florida's hottest new clubs. Family members of the Mawardi clan, both young and old and tons of their friends gathered for the event, all dressed fashionably in style.

Confetti is flying everywhere, balloons decorate the establishment both inside and outside, and outdoor heaters are also there to make the night all that much more enjoyable for all attending.

This is definitely what most people would consider to be the epitome of a fun, wild, and crazy family reunion and get together of friends.

Bottles are popping, the dance floor is filled with people dancing with one another, and a whole lot of drinking and laughing is going on in this video! What’s more exciting is that basketball star, Michael Jordan's son is one of the many handsome bar-tending men behind the bar making drinks for attendees of Deko Lounge’s grand opening celebration!

There is not a single person at the event who does not look like they are having a good time. It is clear that this is a tight knit family who really love one another, have a great circle of friends, and most of all, really know how to throw a party!

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