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Why Some Guys Cheat and Some Don't

by Sean
(Bozeman, MT)

Some guys cheat and some don't. We all agree on that, right?

Some guys cheat when their wives would do anything in bed for them. And, some guys cheat on wives who are prude and reticent when it comes to the bedroom.

The reason I would say that some guys cheat on the person they care about is that there is too much "red tape" around sex these days. You know what I mean. The guy has to jump through like 10 hoops, run a half a marathon, and then ask or initiative actions that lead to sex EVERYTIME he wants to get her going. That's a lot of work.

Some wives initiate sex but not many of them. It's like the wife/girl friend has the key to the sex locker and the guy has to come and ask for the key all the time. The woman rarely do that and most of the time it's the guy fueling their sex lives. Some guys feel like they are pestering their significant other for sex. Leave her alone or cool off for a while, and eventually she realizes he has not asked her for sex.

Why Some Guys Cheat and Some Don'tWhy do some guys cheat and some don't? Simple, it is because of "Too much red tape" involved in maintaining a relationship.

Another thing is that women sometimes expect you to do more things around the house, be nicer to her for a couple of days, meet more of her demands like not drinking beer, etc. With a hooker/prostitute there is none of that. The red tape simply disappears with a sex-worker in his bed.

I'm not saying that cheating is right, but it's not that you have sex with your husband or how frequently (there are exceptions) but how you do it. If you have sex with him 6 days a week, but you pester him about wanting to have sex with you or blame your insecurities of being a woman (you don't like being on the receiving end) on him.

It is not the woman's responsibility to shape a grown man's character. Either his mama brought him up right or she didn't. It's not your problem; there's nothing wrong with you. He needs either some psychological counseling or a moral compass. End of story.

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