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Why Replacing Negative Thoughts is key to Success

by Joseph

"Men's best successes come after their disappointments." By Henry Ward Beecher.

How many times have you caught yourself indulging and almost weighed down by negative thought? Have you said something to someone only to retreat quickly by saying "just kidding around" once your see their face. Well many people have. We find ourselves weighed down by negative thoughts much more than we are comfortable admitting for the most part. That negative thinking could not only hurt our self-esteem, but could also start behavior and thought habits, which negatively affects the way we look at happenings throughout our lives.

As an example: You might have a special project assigned to you at work. While you are confident doing it, but as you are wrapping it up you find a small mistake in it. You start chewing yourself out on how you dealt with this project, even with the mistake being only minor. You start giving excuses for the projects when the boss is trying to tell you that you have a done a good job on it. The negativity of your reaction has overshadowed the whole project, honing in on just one small spot on it.

What measures should you take so that you can avoid this behavior? You need give the project an object look over. You did not just finish it in a timely effectively manner, but it now will be the standard for projects in the future. Don't fret over the error; concentrate on the success of the project.

With some holidays getting near there is a lot of house cleaning you need to do, this is in fact your next project. You check out your house to see what needs to be and throw up your hands in defeat and do nothing because there is too much to do. Just stop! Breathe deeply and think how you can split up the various cleaning duties. Get help from your family members and assign each one a duty. After you have prioritized the duties you will be more optimistic that it all will get done.

You have begun dieting prior to the holidays. Then all of a sudden you start craving one specific dessert. You rapidly make the decision that your diet is shot and it is no use trying to further lose weight. Then you walk into the bathroom and gaze in your mirror and spout off, "I am so fat, and I can't do a thing about it."

But you are sadly mistaken! You set yourself for failure with this thinking negatively on how you look and this does not make the problem better. Instead shrug off the fact you cheated, make a promise to do better, and permit the positive thinking to take over and guide you.

Usually teenagers do the most intense negative thought reactions to things. Maybe their lives are not getting lived out the way they would like; they could be unhappy at school; or the pressure from their peers could make them react in an angry manner. They might say they don't want to exist anymore or something like that. They might not really mean this but it does show that immediate attention is required. This thought could turn into an action later on otherwise.

Using the support of your friends, family, a counselor or other professional person the negative thought process you are going through can be replaced with a positive one. It is totally up to us to rid ourselves of negativity in our thinking; and to not pass these unpleasant thoughts to our friends and family.

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