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 Why Do Women Cheat On Men They Love?

What do you think:
why do women cheat?

The burning question today is simple, straightforward and contentious "why do women cheat" in a relationship?

And quickly tossing the question around "are men faithful?"

The wise and old long time ago asserted that "Honesty is the best policy when it comes to dating" but as we all know that is easier said than practiced. Reflect about the following common day situation for a moment.

You join a dating site to find a good companion, maybe even someone to love. While there, you discover beautiful women and handsome men who are looking for "the perfect man or perfect woman" with whom to have companionship and perhaps someone to love. You are searching for the perfect dating candidate.

Someone who wants - what you want and not after seducing your best friend behind your back.

You are the kind of person who knows what they want.

You know the right partner for you is out there; however, to find her or him you must be open and honest about yourself when writing your online profile. Of course you know that. That's why you do exactly that.

You have carefully analyzed your past relationships. You know what went wrong and what went right with it. You know what you liked in your last dating partner and what you want in your next partner. And so you are ready.

Why do women cheat and lie

This is the most common and challenging question ever asked when it comes to dating. When we compare modern day dating and the old days, we can say that during the old days people used to be honesty and straightforward.

It’s better for one to be open, honest and faithful when it comes in one is in a relationship. This will be good enough for you and your partner. Let people try and say the truth about themselves. It’s the only way to get what you deserve.

It’s always a good idea to compare our last relationships and see what it was that made it go sour. For the instance, we can look for our weakness and communicate with your partner about such weaknesses. On the other hand we can look at the right things which made the relationship to grow on a smooth way and build up upon such strengths.

Writing a false profile is like you cheat yourself because you pretend to be what you are not.

Be yourself, talk good and be proud of being what you are. Many people decide to risk their lives by pretending to be what they are not. But later when the truth comes out, someone is bound to be hurt or to fail.

Why do women cheat? Share your thoughts here

why do women cheat on their boyfriends?

You have been thorough the game, you know the rules. You know there is no use in trying to fool anyone, especially yourself. You know that you are not 6'2 gorgeous, and you are not pretending to be.

Why Do Women Cheat in Relationships?
Why Do Women Cheat

Why claim to be a lawyer making a six figure income if you tend bar at the local nightclub. Why pretend to be 30 something if you are 40 or 50 years old. Why pretend to be single if you are not...

Your goal is to find a handsome gentleman who likes you just as you are, the perfect gentleman. So why risk your chances by pretending to be who you are not?

It's much easier to do that but,

We know that to achieve that one and only goal, we cannot do that when we lie, on our profile. Why because things start to fall apart pretty first. What are your thoughts, "why do women cheat" when it comes to matters of the heart? Share your thoughts by using the form below:

why do women cheat? So you ask! Maybe the story below will shed more light as to why women sometime cheat.

why do women cheat on their husbands

Donell has been resting in the house all day long. Michelle is tired from the kids and working all week. Donell decides to wake Michelle up and tell her that she needs to cook because the kids are hungry.

Michelle replies I’m tired! Why can’t you do it? Donell looks at her and says “honey, you know how bad a cook, I am”. Michelle gets up and stomps out of the room mumbling under her breath "he makes me sick".

After she fixes breakfast and serves him and the kids she decides that it is best to go on and clean and maybe she could take some rest. Michelle goes on with the cleaning then sits down to enjoy a little bit of the left over breakfast she had prepared.

After eating, she now she realizes that she is really stinky so she goes to take a shower. Meanwhile, all that Donell can’t help thinking about is when Michelle will ever get out of the shower so that he will be able to take care of his own manly needs. So he began to pester Michelle. What’s taking you so long? I have never seen somebody take that long to take a shower.

Michelle wishing she never had to get out the shower goes ahead and gets out because she already knows what Donell wants. She goes into the bedroom and climbs into bed hoping that he will dose off to sleep and lays there trying to fall asleep herself. The next thing she knows is she is involved in some not so wanted adult time.

Michelle decides to wake up and go down stairs. He asks where she is going and Michelle says “to find me something to do that will satisfy me.” Donell coldly looks at her and says.” Have fun.” She says” I will try.” Donell then asks Michelle to pass by the children bedroom and take the children downstairs with her because he didn’t want the kids disturbing him while he tried to sleep.

By: Maureen

In most relationships, women often assumes the role of the caregiver of the family. Despite working as many hours (or more) than her husband or significant other, she takes on the lion's share of running the household and caring for the family. While a man may expect to come home from work and relax, a woman can often expect to have dinner to make, children to tend to, homework to help with and even a house to clean.

Having time -- the time to unwind and recharge -- is a huge difference between the sexes.

Take Mary, for example. She is a typical working mother, eight hours a day at the office and then home to her family. While Mary spends the time she has at home throwing a load of laundry on to wash or making sure the cable bill is paid, her husband Joe often finds time to watch a game on television or play a round of catch with the kids. Oh by the way, still wondering why do women cheat on their husbands or loved ones! Learn more here

Mary often finds herself being pulled in many directions, with a list of "to do's," and the effects of this stress manifest themselves in her everyday life. She is tired, may have trouble sleeping or concentrating and generally tends to sacrifice her own well-being for that of her family.

Giving up time for herself is one major difference in the roles men and women play in a relationship.

It is safe to assume that one thing most every woman, including Mary, would like for the man in her life to realize without having to be told is that she needs a break from the stress and hassle of juggling both work and home responsibilities. A little extra effort on the part of her significant other to give her some time to herself would, in a great many women's minds, be the best gift imaginable and one that need not cost a cent.

Why do women cheat on their husbands or boyfriends?

What do you think, why do women cheat when in a relationship? Use the form below to share your thoughts and ideas about what you think are some of the reasons why some women cheat on their husband or boyfriend!

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