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 Why Do Men Cheat on Women They Love

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Why do men cheat?

Are men faithful when it comes to dating and relationships?

Well, there are a number of reasons why men cheat. Some say that the problem is that; men are naturally tuned to compete.

That is why we see some men venture into dating like it is some sort of contest to be won. An ego contest to see which man can get the most number of beautiful girls. And that partly explains why most men end up cheating

Why do men cheat and lie About Their profiles

Dating sites are quite handy with a handful of handsome men and beautiful women. Hey, you can’t miss to find ugly men and women there too! Let’s be sincere, would an ugly looking man want to be sincere by saying that he is not handsome? I don’t think so because he aims to date a beautiful woman.

It is not only in online dating site that men lie about their profile, even on social networking sites like Facebook. And it doesn’t stop there. If you can lie about your profile, then you can lie about any things else too.

I am an active member of Facebook. I have browsed my friends’ profiles and people whom I hardly know. One thing I noted is that most of my friends who have protected their profiles (unless one sends their friendship request,) are the ones who are sincere regarding their personal information. Most of protected profiles reflect true information about the individuals unlike the unprotected profile.

However, not all men are insincere. There are some who have uploaded true pictures of themselves, stated their true personal information and have made specification of what sort of woman they want to date. They are just serious and want to date a woman who is also serious.

The insincere men are those who don’t want their family members, friends, colleagues and other people whom they know to notice them that they are seeking online dating sites to get a woman to date. They just want to remain unknown in order to protect their public dignity.

why do men cheat on their girlfriends

So why why do men cheat on simple things like writing an online profile on online dating sites? It's true that most men write an online profile thinking about what a woman wants to read, not actually about what aspects of themselves they want to truthfully broadcast. They may take a certain characteristic that they would like to put emphasis on and exaggerate it in such a way as they think will make a woman want to communicate with them.

Men are always competitive, and they are definitely trying to “win” at the game of dating.

A man writes an online dating profile with the intention of getting a woman’s attention, which, of course, is the entire purpose of writing a profile on an online dating website. The difference, however, is that women write a profile thinking about what they like about themselves. They ask themselves how they can describe the best parts of themselves on the internet. They put their favorite qualities about themselves on display and hope someone matches up.

A man, however, is not necessarily thinking about what their favorite things about themselves are. They are thinking about what a woman’s favorite thing about them is. This is the information we will all find on a man’s dating profile: the information they think women want to read. Many will use what women in previous relationships have actually told them they like about them. They figure that if one woman liked it, another will surely like that trait or aspect, too. They do not realize that not all women like the same things in a man, and they should simply be truthful and be themselves.

Most men understand the risk of telling lies in the profile and many have faced situations where their relations have broken. Yet very few men realize the simple fact that being true to your own self will always keep you happy and your relationship will have a whole new meaning to it and others will definitely envy looking at such a relationship because they don't realize that the base of it was the truth and nothing else.

When it comes to dating, an intelligent man needs to change his way of thinking from winning to nurturing.

Remember, effective dating is not like high school any more!

Wondering what women want is an age old pastime. Since I am a girl, I can tell you some of the things women do not want to see, hear or read about you and what they do actually want from the real man. Now listen up:

Women do not want an arrogant jerk, they want a confident man. There is a difference. You should like who you are about yourself, without coming across as if you are some sort of gift that fell at the feet of women from heaven.

Women surely do not want you to think that they are perfect angels, either. No one can live up to such high expectations, and no one wants to be in a relationship with a perfectionist. Trust me, in never works!

Why do men cheat and lie on Their Partners

Story submitted by summer (Hawaii)

I often wonder "why do men cheat" because, I am not an expert when it comes to men...In fact;

I have had my share of dirt bags who you cannot trust for anything. Today I am married to a very good, humble, strong, smart, faithful and trusting man. Do I believe men are trusting and faithful?

No, Not completely! and this is why:

All men, including good ones, have something about them, that woman either do not like or become frustrated with, hence the reason for them to do it behind their woman's backs.

I'm not saying that what they are doing is bad, or sneaky, it is something you have decided you do not like about them, which they decide to find time for, or do, when you are not around or when you walk out of the room.A perfect example would be my parents.

My mother knew when she met my dad that he drank, and drank heavily, yet she married him anyway. After years of marriage my dad has learned my mother hates his drinking, and so every time she leaves for the day or night he gets plastered. But, he never does it when she is around. She does not ask if he has been drinking, so he does not tell her that he has. Allot of woman would not consider that very trusting or faithful to their wives, yet it's been done. It is for this reason that I say that most men are not trusting or faithful.

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why do men cheat on their wives

Why Do Men Cheat

As we can see we are in an advanced technological world.

Due to advanced computers and other technical devices like laptops, ipads and smart phones that people can carry even to their offices, men have taken the advantage of being immoral because he can use his computer to write his message to his soul mate without his wife or girlfriend knowing.

Why Do Men Cheat in Relationships?

Online dating makes a man to change his way of thinking from winning to searching of more girls who can satisfy him. You find a man has saved the name of his girlfriend in a different name so that his wife will never know. Even though that can be the case with women also, but generally speaking men are best known for immorality because they spend most of their time with their friends outside their families.

As I know some men consider the beautifulness of women and not her characters. So once a man has been attracted to a certain lady, he immediately changes his minds and characters. For example, he starts to mistreat his wife or girlfriend by not buying anything in the house also telling her that she is not beautiful all for the sake of trying to target and win that woman he saw the other day.

Working class men see themselves as gold. They think so long as they have money they can have as many girlfriends as they can. They make sure they win their work mate women through their behaviors and how they conduct themselves in offices. A man can use all his powers and property that he has in trying to win a lady that she is attracted to. So then "why do men cheat" on their loved one after having gone throught all the trouble?

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Why do men cheat on their wife or girlfriend?

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