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5.) Being Accepted for who you are

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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Who You AreThere are a lot of benefits of having good friends in your life.

Even although your best friends may drive you crazy at times, hurt you unintentionally, or fall short in other ways the positives can and often do outweigh the negatives.

Is it not just simply wonderful and amazing to have friends who accept you for just who you are? As you think about that, it will be interesting to note that:

There have been studies that actually show that those who have a large network of friends tend to live longer by about twenty-two percent over those who have the least number of friends. I can agree with this to a point; however, I still stick with my belief that it is really about quality over quantity.

Personally I would much rather have just a few close friendships that all well maintained than one hundred or more that I may only have time to talk with on their birthdays.

It pretty much boils down to how comfortable you are with allowing people to get to really know you-the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly.

The few that have seen all that and been through all of that with you and remain your friends are indeed true friends. These are the kind of friends who are there through thick and thin and who don't run away at the first sign of a slight disagreement or misunderstanding.

A friend who accepts you, "for who you are"

This is yet another great benefit of friendships, and that is having friends who accept you for who you are and are not out to change you. Good friends may try to challenge and motivate you in ways that are for your ultimate good.

Having said that though, good friends also realize that any changes must start within you and your desire to change. One example is in the area of smoking. A good friend will accept that you are a smoker but challenge you to seriously consider the reasons why quitting is so very beneficial for your health most of all.

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Is it not wonderful to have friends who accept you for who you are?

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