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Who is Reading your Personal Profile?

Who's Reading your Personal Profile and Information On your favorite Social Networking Sites?

Every day, large amounts of people make the decision to join a social networking site. Social networking sites enable people from all over the world to connect with each other. And while these sites are great for making new friends and for starting relationships, many people are ignorant with regards to who can get a hold of their personal information.

People are under the impression that if they create an online profile for a social networking site, that only the members of that social networking site can see their information. But the reality is that anyone who has access to that social networking site has access to your personal profile. This is important to know because ignorance of this fact has come to bite people on the rear.

As a matter of fact, most social networking sites allow anyone with internet access to find your user profile and your user information. That means for example that if you've posted a picture of yourself that is explicit or shows you during your drunken weekend down at the coast, anyone can see this if you post it. Even if you post a nice and normal picture of yourself, you are advised from using your real name, and address.

Remember, if you post it, others will find it. This is why if you are a member of a social networking site, you should learn about private profile settings. This setting limits the number of people who can see your profile. There are settings that allow only social network members to see your profile.

The only downside to this is that you will have to be more proactive in finding other friends. But for some people, this is well worth it.

There are social networks out there that set your profile as private. This way, when you join these networks, only other members can find your profile. This is all done to protect the safety of the network members. It' great to use online social networking sites to find and make friends, but you can also use private settings to keep your online experience a lot safer.

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