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Who is Arnold?

by ishwarya

Our friend Peter always boasts himself as a fearless person and a tough guy. He likes comparing himself with "Arnold" and calls

us "cowards"

One day, a charitable organization conducted a
blood camp and they collected the names of the persons whoever was interested in donating blood. The first person to give his name is peter and teased us for being afraid to donate blood.
He compelled us to give our names and we did it but with great reluctance.

The day to donate blood came, and we all gathered near the hall except for Peter. We could not find him and we thought he must be inside the hall donating blood as the first person.

When we passed through the library we were taken aback on seeing him there. He said he came in search of a book and after some hesitation joined us towards the hall. We were made to lie on the
bed to donate blood and a blood collection bag was hanging above everyone's side. We were tensed, as this is the first time we are donating blood, but tried to show ourselves casual. A nurse drew blood and after sometime we stayed calm and fearless.

After finishing, Peter tried to sit up but fell over the bed and fainted. Everyone gathered near his bed and the doctor checked him and said its just because of fear.

We could not believe ourselves but we did not ask about this to Peter. After some days when as usual Peter started teasing us, we opened
this topic and asked him why he fainted. He said, "I was very afraid to donate blood, but tried to show-off myself strong, when I got up I saw the filled-up blood collection bag hanging over the
next bed. On seeing so much blood I fainted."

We laughed the whole day and even after these years whenever we gather for a party or dinner we tease him for what happened on that day. So guys, do not believe these "Arnold's."

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