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Who is a True Friend?

by Suchi

A true friend is one who is an indispensable part of your life and is there with for you during your good and bad times. The love and affection that one gets from a true friend cannot be compared with anything else. In fact getting a true friend in life is the greatest gift of all gifts.

It is a true fact that true friendship can withstand everything that comes across. We can speak openly to our friend many things which we cannot say to others even the family members.

I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful friend and it is very difficult to express in words how much she means to me. Our friendship is not based on give and take relationship. Rather both of us are there for each other when needed.

She has helped me many times when I was in trouble and made me smile. Once during my final post graduation exam we had to submit a dissertation.

Both of us were given different topics and we worked on it by doing survey, collecting the data and preparing the thesis. Before the final submission all of us were asked to show it to the concerned lecturer and deposit in the department before the exams.

I had prepared it very nicely doing the entire typing job myself and was going to the college to show it to the lecturer. I had packed it in my bag and as usual went in the local bus.

When I reached college and opened my bag I saw that the thesis was not there. I could not understand as to how it could vanish from my bag. I rushed home with the anticipation that I may have left it at home. But my mother had seen me packing it and she said I had taken it with me. On not finding it I fell down and could not think even what I would do next as it was my final exam.

Somebody had stolen it from my bag while traveling.

It was at this point that my friend stood by me and gave me all the help that was required. I was so nervous that I was not able to do anything and my hands used to shiver. She gave me full support saying that I will definitely complete it and hand it over to the lecturer.

For three days she did not go to her house and stayed with me doing the entire dissertation again for me. She decorated it very nicely and was able to finish it on time. Though she also had her theory exams still she worked for me.

I can never forget the moral strength and support she gave me at that time. Since it was university exam if I had not deposited the thesis on time I would have been a year back and would not have been able to take the exams. It is very difficult to get a friend like her. She is indeed a jewel.

Having a good friend is indeed one of the greatest assets.

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