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Where to Make Friends and Feel More Safe, Orkut!

by Joseph

If you are interested in discovering other places where to make friends and meet new people on the Internet, especially those that share the same interests as you, you may want to look at joining online social networking sites. These websites are similar to neighborhoods and communities, only they are found online. If you want to begin putting these popular websites to work for you, and have not done so already, the first step is locating one to sign up with. One of the more popular ones that may interest you is Orkut.

The name itself sounds interesting, don't you think? With so many other popular websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Friendwise, and Yahoo! 360, many may wonder how the name of Orkut even came about. The site was actually named after Orkut Buyukkokten, a Google employee who created it.

If the website's name alone doesn't immediately attract your attention, then maybe some of the features of the site will. Like the other social networking sites online, Orkut has a number of benefits it offers. The features are what makes it, a good idea to join this popular website. With Orkut's popularity and your interest in wanting to join, there are special steps implemented that you must take to become a member. Sadly, Google doesn't just allow everyone to sign up with Orkut. You have to be invited.

Members who are currently on the site are the only people that can extend you an invitation to join. For this reason, it would be a waste of time trying to convince Google to let you sign up. Getting an invite to Orkut is not as hard as you may think. The site is so popular that there is a good possibility you know someone who is a member. Also, by searching online, you can find those who are Orkut members who would probably send you an invite even if they didn't know you.

Though many internet users may be turned off and not join Orkut because of the invitation requirement, the limited membership base is a good idea. Orkut is free to join, and free means that everyone would want to sign up as a member there. Many of the social networking sites that are free have become overrun by people. This is especially true for those that sign up just to create fake accounts. That's why Google make Orkut a bit more private, to prevent unwanted online controversy.

Like the other social networking sites out there, Orkut can be used for a number of reasons. The most popular reason people sign up with Orkut is to connect with the other members of the site, especially with the one that send you the invite in the first place. Once you are a member, you can begin to find more people that have interests that are similar to yours. This can not only assist you in making new friends, but could also spark a romance between you and a member there. The best thing about Orkut is that, when you are a member, anything is possible.

If you would like to learn more about Orkut before trying to get an invite to the site, you can visit their main page at

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