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When Social Status Matters

In general, I tend to believe that I could be friends with anybody, no matter their social status.

If I thought of myself as somebody who could not be friends with anybody, I might feel like I was snobby or something. However, that being said, in theory it's easier said than done in practice.

In theory, I feel that I certainly have the capacity to befriend anyone from any social status. However, in practice, when dealing with individual persons, this is not always the way I feel. In fact, I feel more comfortable being friends with persons who are in a similar situation as I am, at least in some way.

I've befriended people who were worse-off financially than I am, and oftentimes they would borrow money and I had to bug them until they paid me back. If I was rich, I might not care, but I am only lower-middle class and don't have the money to throw around to my friends.

After someone borrows money and obviously hopes that I won't ask for them to pay me back, something changes in me towards that person and I don't want to keep up the friendship. But I think the reason for that is I'm not sure they aren't just using me for money. If I was sure that was not the case, maybe it wouldn't matter. But it does matter to me. I want people who are my friends to like me for who I am, not for what I can give them monetarily.

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