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When Did Men Ever be Faithful orTruthful?

by Jayasree.m
(Thrissur, kerala, india)

When Did  Men Ever be Faithful orTruthful?

When Did Men Ever be Faithful orTruthful?

Let me start by pointing out that as far as I'm concerned, I can't say that all men are Faithful and Truthful when it comes to online dating.

A certain percentage of them are sincere related to online dating. They are frank, open and sincere. They may reveal about their actual likes and dislikes. They may let the girls know about themselves and will be trustful in their dealings. In such cases they would even go to any extend to maintain their relationship in a good manner. Girls can trust them as they would be there with them to help them and love them every moment.

But I can't really predict the sincerity of the majority. During online dating there is a possibility for them to lie or hide their original traits and behaviors. Its a kind of time pass for them, because they don't take it seriously. They don't mind even if one girl breaks with him. He is happy with the next relationship. Some times he might be indulged in a number of relationships at a time. They boast about their number of relationships with their friends.

Many a time girls fall in love with such guys due to their interesting or attractive personalities and may broke up with them after a long time. But there are also chances, when a guy tries to bring about changes in his behavior and traits due the influence of the girl that he started dating and loving. That though, happens only rarely in a true relationship.

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