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When a Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.

by Ashish Sharma
(Shimla, India.)

When a Friend in Need is a  Friend Indeed

When a Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The story refers to the year 2002 when I was doing my law from Symbiosis Law College, Pune, India. Pune is about 1500 K.M. from my home town and it takes 2 days to reach Shimla by train. It was the month of May 2010 when I along-with my friend Anshu Pandey went to Bhima Shankar a very famous pilgrimage place for the Hindus.

It was peak summer time and therefore we decided to take our bikes upto our holiday destination. We started early in the morning and reached Bhima Shankar around 11:30 a.m. Everything was going perfectly and we were enjoying the day.

Around 4 p.m. we decided to return back to Pune. As we were returning I decided to drive the bike and started with a flash like speed. And to our stars we met with an accident. In that accident I broke my hand. Actually the bone was broken into pieces. My friend to received serious injuries. But escaped from any serious damage.

As soon as he realized that I had broken hand he immediately called for a taxi lifted me and took me to a nearby hospital wherein I was operated upon. Anshu donated his blood for me as we had the same blood group. Not only this he stayed with me in the hospital for 3 days and did everything for me which my mother would have done had I been at my home town. He use to bring food and juices for me. He use to take my dirty clothes for washing and use to bring back ironed clothes. He use to change my clothes as my hand was plastered and my movement was restricted.

Anshu really worked like a nurse for me. When I was discharged from the hospital he stayed with me at my place. He use to give me medicine on time and sometimes cooked food by himself for me.
The worst part of this story is that I lost my friend Anshu Pandey on 2 May 2007 in an Accident. It’s very sad to lose such a friend. Believe me I have tears in my eyes right now as Iam typing this true story of mine. May god give rest to the soul of Anshu Pandey.

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