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What you see is not always what you get

by Nawazish

One day a very successful Human resource head was driving to his workplace. On his way to work he met with a horrific accident, he died on the spot. When his soul left his body and reached the gates of heaven, he was greeted by St. Peter.

The Human resource head was told that they had no clue where he would fit. Therefore he could spend a day in heaven and the next day in hell and finally decide for himself were he would like to reside forever.

The Human resource head first visited Hell through an elevator. Here he meets several of his work friends as well as colleagues whom he had worked with earlier while he was still alive. All of them were wearing really good clothes; they were eating excellent food as well as playing golf. He hung out with them that entire day and had a great time. They spoke about old times and shared good old memories. He noticed a devil. The devil looked handsome, was friendly and was smiling at him; he too was wearing fine clothes.

The HR head left happily.

The next day, when he entered heaven, he noticed beautiful angels and wonderful clouds all around. He spent a day there and had a fairly good time.

However when he was asked by St Peter which one he preferred, he chose hell since he could continue to enjoy in the company of friends.

When he arrived in hell he was shocked.

There was a dirty desert, his friends were in ragged clothes and the "Devil looked horrifying." He inquired about this sudden change. To which the devil replied that "the day he arrived they were hiring but now he was one of the staff members."

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