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What to do with a cheating boyfriend

by jael reed

If you think your boyfriend is cheating the best thing to do is to make sure he actually is and if you have definitive proof he is the best method is to walk away. Just pack up and never look back.
block his email, don't answer his calls, if you see him pretend he doesn't exist. Just give him the infinitely cold shoulder. It may seem harsh but if you really want to get back at him this is the best way.

But that's only for when he cheats on you.

The best approach is to set clearly defined guidelines for what is and isn't cheating and if he does and you have proof i.e. a picture, video, or you saw him personally, do not for a second think he loves you. He cheated on you and the only excuse for that is a mental problem. If he has had girl friends before, ask them if he cheated on them or if they think he did. If he has cheated on other girlfriends before be aware he will be pretty convincing that he cares about you but if he did he wouldn't have cheated on you!

However, and I cannot stress this enough make sure he actually did cheat on you. I'm sure that if he is nice enough for you to like him others will be jealous. and that's when gossip will rear its ugly head.

I know it may seem harsh but that's for when he really hurts you. If he is just going out for the night with an old friend where nothing else happened (and you aren't too angry about it) a slap on the hand and a month in the dog house should do the trick.

Another way to see if your boyfriend is cheating is to watch him in public. He most likely met the woman at a place he attends frequently. Bring him to the church, group, go with him to work. Watch how the other women act around him and you may find your culprit.

Boyfriend is CheatingI believe the best option when your find yourself in a situation "whereby your boyfriend is cheating on you" is to talk to his friends.

If your boyfriend is cheating, he probably is the kind of man that likes to conquer, and therefore, he brags about it. If anyone would know it would be his friends. However, they may not be the most reliable source.

I would only resort to the phone call detective service if I had no other option. If he finds out that your are spying on him by using a phone call detective service, there is bound to be a big argument. Secrets are never good in a relationship, and if your boyfriend wasn't cheating, you may push him away with your lack of trust.

However, I would definitely check his Face book page. You don't need to invade his privacy to do this, so he can't say its over stepping bounds. Just look at his list of friends and who he commonly posts responses to. See if there are any unknown women posting on his wall. By going through his list for friends, most likely you will have been introduced to the majority of them and might discover a weird pattern that you are definitely not comfortable with.

If you narrowed your suspicion casually ask who they are, say they posted on your wall or something and gauge his reaction to each name. but just remember not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

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