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What is Tension - Just a Joke

by Anonymous

Here is how another friend of mine realized it the real meaning of tension.

My friend was driving back home late night after office when a lady asked her for a lift (ride). Being a decent guy, he readily agreed and gave the lady a ride to the desired destination.

While she was getting ready leave his car at final destination, she started vomiting and having head reeling. So my friend rushed her to the nearby hospital and after a checkup it was confirmed that the lady was pregnant.

The doctor immediately said to my friend "you should be proud that you are soon going to be a father". My friend was surprised, confused and tensed as to what the doctor was saying. To make matter worse, the lady also confirmed that he was her husband when asked by the doctor.

Finally after much argument it was decided that a tests will be conducted on my friend to confirm the real truth. Few days passed and the report came that my friend was not the father of the child. This was a relief from the REAL TENSION.

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