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What is a Blog and Why
We Blog it All, here!

Its time to blog it!

Hey wait a minute, by the way what is a blog in the first place?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Avoiding all the tech’ jargon,

In a nutshell; a blog is a web site that enables you as a blogger to write, edit or post on the internet all your thoughts or whatever you’d like to write about be it news, politics, fantasies and anything you may think of and then visitors to your site can then view, comment, rate, link or do nothing at all.

Now some things are easier seen than said

What is a blog ...From a videos point of view!

What is a blog and the the power of blogging.

Did you know that the other day I was surprised to learn that we also have citizens representing us in Czech? I know you must be wondering...what!!! Is that a village, a town or a city? May be this will make more sense, Czech Republic.

...Yeah, you are right! That is a country.

Men! This world is so big...

That place is far.

Imagine, it’s too remote so much so that in order to talk to our embassy staff for such things like renewal of your passport you have to either make an international call or cross the borders and go to the neighboring country. That’s how it is that far...things might change though, with all this new technology!

But here is the good news (please would someone in the house say amen!) that we are represented there too. And you thought Haridfi is the least populated town in kenya? (I know, you don't even know where that is!) You are in for surprises.

Let’s get a break here.
I'm here to tell you that things don’t have to be that worse.

Whether you are in the Czech Republic or in Dallas metropolitan or maybe at Karnataka India or in uk. Regardless of which part of the world you reside in, With a click of the computer and an internet connection and the understanding of this simple concept:

what is a blog and the power of blogging...

You too can let us know what is happening there.

You can blog it all here!

What is a blog and why we blog

Come on’ men, Very interesting things are happening all the time,

  • Is it that interesting photo that you just captured on your camera?

  • What about that barbecue get together you all hard running up till 3 in the morning?

  • Or is that wedding ceremony you attended last night.

  • Oh! And there is this upcoming sports' or political event...

    Now you don't have to wait for someone else, another blog or yahoo to send their reporters there.

    kenyan women

    As a matter of fact,

    You too can be the first to let the rest of us know what really took place and share that great photo or video blog.

    To get started, Blog about it all, here.
    And be the first to tell us how it really happened.

    Or even much better,

    If you don't like what you see or would want to blog about mmm....

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