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What Cheating Couples Must Do

by What

I think that it is imperative that the couple first understand each other.

Cheating CouplesThey should realize each others shortcomings. Instead of fighting over those shortcomings the "cheating couples" should respect each other and work together to solve their problems.

They should realize that no one is perfect...thus by doing so you automatically realize each others potential and start respecting one another! Which automatically will avoid the Cheating part of it.

But before putting an acquisition as to why did the other partner cheat, "self" should realize why was there the need for the other to cheat in the first place?

One should ask him or herself that, where did I go wrong that my partner felt the need to cheat on me?

It is very easy for the cheating couples to put the blame on the other and just walk out of the relationship and end all the years of attachments and feelings. But it is very difficult to actually analyze why the same happened and try to work upon the same.

According to me, when the cheating couples actually take the initiative to work upon to help each other and puts away the differences, that is when "actual Love" falls into place.

However most of the relationships end in disgust and animosity without actually churning out the actual reason.

One of the main reasons why people cheat is that they are emotionally sad. There is something which they find missing in one person which attracts them to another which in turn results in the Cheating game.

The moral of the story....please keep ego's aside and try to work it out!!

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