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Weekend Getaways Make an Ideal Gifts for Best Friends

by Sarah
(Jacksonville, NC, USA)

Weekend Getaways Make an Ideal Gifts for Best Friends

Every year people tend to ask "what do I want for my birthday or for Christmas" but I am always unsure what to say by this.

I want something thoughtful and that reminds the person of me. I don’t want to tell someone what to buy, if they know me, they know what I like. I love to travel and I’d rather have an experience than an object because an object will eventually break, be used up or go out of style, but the memories created from an experience will never diminish.

Why Weekend Getaways Make an Ideal Gifts for Best Friends

Although money can certainly be a factor, I feel that weekend getaways make the best birthday gifts for your best friend. If you limit a trip to a weekend, then it’s usually easy to get away. Even if your best friend has children, his or her spouse will likely agree to give them a weekend reprieve.

Once you have the permission of your best friend’s better half, begin planning.

  1. The first thing to do is set your budget.

  2. The second thing to do is think about places you and your best friend would enjoy.

If your best friend enjoys the outdoors, consider a getaway to the mountains or the beach. Don’t book your standard hotel, but instead look for a cabin to rent. KOA has camping cabins and a quick search on google or some other site is certain to find numerous cabins within a four to six hour drive from your home.

Because rental cabins are often family owned small businesses, it’s usually little more than a request to get the cabin decorated and a cake delivered even before you arrive.

For girls, spas, manicures and facials can be a great relaxing way to spend part of a day. Hiking, biking, horse back riding or other activities abound for those interested in exploring the great outdoors. Even if you only go on a half mile hike, the memories will be priceless when one of you trips over their own feet or you spot an amazing view together.

How about Last minute weekend packages and offers?

If the outdoors are not your thing and you can afford it, look for package deals that can include flights to popular locations such as New York City where you can take in a Broadway show, go shopping, experience museums, culture and amazing food. Last minute weekend packages are often available online which include flights, hotels and even rental car for two people at

If money is not a problem and you want to spend time in the lap of luxury, consider an all inclusive weekend getaway to the Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rico or any number of other locations. The trip includes everything from airport transfers to meals and lodging to activities and tips. The website offers packages which include flights.

A weekend getaway is the best birthday gift for your best friend because it not only leaves you both feeling revived but it also gives you memories than no other gift can match. Friendship is not about what you can give but about what you can share so why not share your best friend’s birthday gift.

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