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Water Globe

A water globe can be a unique and special birthday gift because of the simple fact that there is so much personality and creativity that can go into it. It's also an appropriate gift regardless of gender or age.

The Precious Water Globe Farewell Party Gift

It was a Sunday morning; he was on his way to home after his studies at Cambridge. John reached at the railway station before 8 am. Being one of the most important and big railway station in the country, Delhi station is full of rush all throughout the twenty four hour it is full of hustle and bustle.

He carefully embraces the bag as like a breast child. To him it is very precious because the bag contains a gift, a water globe presented to him by his friend Anna.

The Rajadhani express by which John is to travel arrived at the station at exact 8.50 am. With great difficulty he get in along with his luggage. Though the train compartment is fully packed, fortunately, John get a comfortable seat by the side of the window. Actually the journey is very exciting and pleasant. On both sides there are beautiful hills full of greenery. A cool breeze comes from the mountains and pats him. The sound of breeze resembles the sweet voice of Anna.

While enjoying the fascinating beauty of mountains, again and again the memories of Anna comes to his mind. He thinks, ‘Everywhere there is beauty, sweetness, song and greenery. There is joy in Nature and also in my heart too’. The happy season goaded his heart to have some memories of the past where he and Anna were students at Cambridge University.
The incident that happened in the library comes to his mind even today.

It was a Monday that he happened to glance at her sweet charming face, while she was selecting a book in the public library. Her first appearance had created a strong longing and yearning for her. He does not understand why he was so much attracted towards her. He could not control his happiness, when he came to know that she is also studying in the same university.

At last that day comes, in every University there is a tradition that the junior students give a farewell party to the outgoing students. That day was definitely a sad day for everyone. But at the same time it is full of hopes. At the end of the farewell party, head of the Economics department gave them his blessings in an inspiring and memorable speech.

Throughout the day Anna was gloomy. John knew the reason, they were going to part. John tried to console her and say "Anna it is your silliness, you are making castles in the air.” But her answer was amazing, she said “love overpower all other feelings, true love is like the pole star that never staggers."

Though the whole responsibility of the family lies on his shoulders, John promised her that he will be soon back as early as possible after visiting his family. He again clasps “the precious water globe gift” which she had presented to him on the day of that farewell party.

by: John

Why gift a personalized water globe?

personalized water globeA personalized water globe will make a great birthday gift idea for anyone no matter what age they are or what sex they happen to be as well.

Of course, everyone sees all kinds of water globes or snow globes during the holiday season and they are synonymous with the holiday season too.

However, there is really no reason why you cannot give a water globe as a birthday gift or as a gift for any occasion at all when it comes right down to it.

What you may not know about water globes though is that they are a popular birthday gift idea and are often given as birthday gifts too.

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Water globes come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and are made out of several different materials too. The main thing that a water globe has is of course a globe of water. The globe part of the water globe is made out something like glass, plastic, or in some cases, something like polyurethane, but not as often as glass or plastic. The frame of the water globe can be of metal, plastic, or wood.

While this is called a water globe, the liquid inside the globe may not always be just plain water. Sometimes the liquid is colored and sometimes the liquid may seem to move slowly or more languidly like some kind of oil.

The most important part of your personalized water globe gift is of course going to be the personalization you have added to the water globe. There are many things that you can do to personalize your water globe gift.

You can have something engraved, etched, or painted on the base of the water globe or have a musical water globe. It just depends on what the base is made out as to how it will be done. You having something personalized placed inside the water globe, which is a very popular way of personalizing this gift. For example, you can have a picture of the person or you and the person placed inside the water globe.

plant water globe vs snowman water globe

Well, there are two kinds of water globe that I know of. The first one that comes to mind is one for plants. I have always wanted to have a green thumb and plant lots of different things.

When I was first dating my boyfriend, my mother-in-law bought me a set of water globes for our plants. You fill it with water and then stick the globe end in the plant and it will then automatically keep the plant hydrated. I loved them! They were the easiest things to use. I became a very good gardener.

The second kind of water globe I can think of is also called a snow globe. It’s a globe filled with water and a figurine or anything else, sometimes even sparkles! When I was younger I started to collect them and display them on a shelf in my room. I bought one every week with my allowance and I was so proud of myself.

My mom bought me a water globe with a Disney character in it. That was my all-time favorite. I used to play with it all the time. It played music and it had sparkles in it. I always looked up to this particular Disney character and I was so happy when I received it.

My dad had been absent from my life for a long time. One time, because my mom told him about my globe collection, he bought me a very special snow globe that had a dolphin in it. When I was around 12 I started to collect a bunch of dolphin things and it meant the world that my dad knew that and cared enough to buy me something he knew I would love.

by: Dinamo

Why don't you consider gifting a personalized water globe?

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