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Unique Romantic Birthday Gift

by Joseph

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Are you thinking about gifting a unique romantic birthday gift?

Well do you know that giving flowers is a fine way of showing a person that you care! Keep reading to discover more...

Is it true that giving out flowers to someone special is a truly unique romantic birthday gift idea that can be given to a man or woman?

As you ponder upon that,

Below are some interesting facts on birthday traditions from across the world that you may find interesting...

The Greeks, Germans and other cultures

The Greeks used round cakes to symbolize the full moon. They took with them, the round cakes to the Artemis' temple; she was the goddess for the moon. Candles were placed on the cakes to symbolize the glow of the moon.

On the other hand, In Germany, some cultures there used a single candle that they placed on a cake to symbolize “light of life” The candle's smoke as it is blown out carries the person's wishes up to heaven. At the same time other cultures believed that blowing all the candles placed in a cake, all at the same time, brings someone good luck.

Mexican Tradition

A Mexican tradition, which has been practiced for more than 3000 years, is pintilde;atas being decorated with flowers and paper, then filled with treats and candy so that the kids can bang on it with a stick to break it open and get all the goodies from it.

Are flowers for Everyone

Giving flowers as a unique romantic birthday gift is absolutely fine, regardless of sex or relation. Flowers are thoughtful gestures and giving them to the birthday person is a simple and refined way of showing them that you thought about them on their special day. They can be extravagant or simple, of many different flowers or just one. Either way, you can't go wrong with gifting flowers as birthday gifts.

Lots of people talk about how certain flowers mean different things and people should be informed before giving certain types of flowers.

I disagree.

You should feel free to give whatever flowers you feel inclined to give. Many people don't know the meaning of different flowers or colors and should not feel restricted from sharing a thoughtful gift of flowers because of it. However, the exception maybe of a man gifting two dozen roses to a married or taken woman still applies.

Although flowers can be completely platonic in nature and the gesture equally so, such a gift would undoubtedly still raise questions and chatter about the motivations behind such a particular gift for the particular receiver.

But in all,

Flowers are sweet, thoughtful, and a simple manner through which to express such sentiments. I know I love receiving flowers. I love knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of me and those are the feelings I get when I receive flowers on any special occasion, including my birthday.

Why wouldn't I want to share that joyous feeling with as many other people as possible?

Click on the following link to share your thoughts and tell us in your own words, what you think about "giving flowers as a unique romantic birthday gift" to someone you care about regardless of their gender,age or sexual orientation. (N/B, scroll down to see what other visitors have said)

Origin of Birthday Party

The birthday party is thought to originate in Europe.

It used to be thought that people attracted evil spirits on their birthdays. That is why friends and family would get together to protect the person having the birthday with their good wishes and thoughts.

They also thought that Gift giving at the birthday party could scare of the evil spirits and bring good fortune and health to the individual celebrating their birthday.

Romantic Birthday Flowers
Japanese Birthday

A fascinating, Japanese birthday custom is celebrating everyone's birthday on the 1st of January, but this custom has disappeared for the most part now with the Japanese choosing to have celebrations on their own birthdays.

Unique romantic birthday gift

Today giving flowers for a birthday present is a convenient and easy way for showing you care about a person. The use of birthday flowers is an affordable way of upholding a time-honored tradition, which some people are not aware of. It is also a tradition to give good luck to someone through birthday flowers, colors which symbolize the birth months, or birthstones. Through online shops birthday flowers can be bought quite easily and affordable today.

We are fond of giving flowers during mother’s day or valentine day.

Is it a good idea to give flowers as a birthday gift to friends (regardless of sex) or is it considered a unique romantic birthday gift to be preserved only for your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Using the form below, share your thoughts as far as giving "unique romantic birthday gift" are concerned

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