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Nov 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Flowers are the most romantic gift/thing you can give a person. There is nothing more romantic than flowers that any person would love and would like to get on their birthdays .

Flowers are of various colors and people like to see their favorite flowers on their special day that is their birthday . If the birthday is of the person whom you love very much , then the perfect flower would be a red rose as it signifies love and that you care for the person very much.

Roses are the best flowers to give on a birthday. They are of different colors and specify different feelings for the person you give them to on their birthday. If the birthday is of your very dear friend, then it would be perfect to give them yellow roses.

Roses are the most beautiful and giving a bunch of roses of various colors is most romantic, most friendly and most respectful also if given to the right people on their birthdays.

Giving flowers on peoples birthdays is a very old method of expressing your love or how you feel towards them. It also gives them a good feeling about how you feel about them. Birthdays are the most important days in somebody's lives and celebrating them with their loved ones is amazing and becomes more and more unforgettable if you give them a perfect gift.

Flowers are a good gift but only for a girl, boys don't prefer flowers on their birthday's except from their family or relatives .

Nov 26, 2010
Wow thank you
by: Anonymous

Wow I never knew there is so much I don't
know. For instance I had know idea that
the Greeks make cakes just like Americans
and put candles on it, but there cake
represented the moon and its glow. I
also didn't know that the Germans blew
out there candle and that other
civilization In which its name I can't
recall at the moment gave gifts to the
person with there birthday.

I already know that the Mexicans hit
there things filled with candy but I
never knew that back then the Japanese
celebrated all there birthdays on the
beginning of the year.

The only birthday in which you shouldn't
give flowers is if you are a guy and
the other persons gender is male.
It is just screaming for an awkward
moment unless you are homosexual!!!

Nov 26, 2010
Romantic Flowers as birthday gifts is a wonderful idea

Birthday is considered to be a special day in one?s life and one desires to enjoy every moment of that day. Choosing a birthday gift becomes very difficult as gifts chosen should be unique and moreover it should be something that remains memorable.

Giving romantic flowers as a birthday gift is a wonderful idea. Flowers are available in different colors and in different varieties. Romantic flowers signify the love and affection you have and your inner feelings for the birthday person.

Flowers should be chosen taking the age and sex of the birthday person into consideration. Red rose signifies love and should give to the person whom you love the most. Yellow color stands for friendship where as pink color stands for romance and beauty.

The roses can be arranged in a bouquet and gifted with a personalized message or some poem written on it.

Gifting flowers is also very economical and one saves a lot of money as all people don?t have money to buy expensive gifts. Flowers can be afforded by all. One can also buy flowers of different varieties and design a bouquet using his/ her own ideas as it will be a very unique gift.

Nowadays one can also send a bouquet of flowers online to near and dear ones who are staying far away. This can be done by booking it in advance and the flower is delivered on the birthday.

Romantic flowers are no doubt the best birthday gifts and they are the symbol of love, beauty and friendship and at the same time it is the most economical gift. Moreover all people love flowers and anyone getting it as a gift will definitely be happy and excited.

Nov 25, 2010
Flowers represents smiling face
by: Anonymous

The flowers are absolutely a wonderful gift for one's birthday. I always try to gift my "specials" with flowers. The color of the gifting flowers have an important part. Each color represents its own feelings. First of all the red color definitely indicates love. Then the yellow color friendship. Orange represents sweet relations. Like that all colors have its own behavior.

The second thing is the type of flower.

It may be fresh flower or dry flower. Fresh flower sometimes indicate new relationships while dry flowers indicate strong relations.

Thus according to the relations, we can gift our specials with the correct type of flowers and feeling them more happy than anytime. So we make our specials birthday a wonderful one.

Nov 25, 2010
Romantic Flowers as gifts
by: Anonymous

Nothing can be more beautiful, romantic and memorable to gift flowers on a birthday. When choosing a flower as a gift, consider how special the flower is and what message it communicates. We normally associate what we feel based on flowers.

For us, a rose may express a strong feeling of passion, a carnation could tell someone how thankful he is for being your friend or a yellow tulip may indicate that someone is hopelessly in love.

Do flowers have a specific meaning?

It all started because they have wonderful colors and because people use them as gestures and symbols for communicating with their loved ones. Whenever there is a special event, to express sympathy, to show how much love you have for someone, or simply by just telling that you are there; all these acts and emotions can be well represented by flowers.

Traditional meanings may be provided for each and every flower that we have in the world but how will you know if that is the real message that the person wants to let you know? There are so many flower meanings and we could even give a special meaning of our own but what matters most is the effort and compassion that is enveloped in each flower that you give.

The real meaning will still be up to the person giving it and the person receiving the gift. So be sure that when you give a flower, communicate the right words that you want to say! So next time when you send flowers to someone, it should express your hearts feeling.

Nov 24, 2010
Flowers are plants
by: Anonymous

The tradition of giving flowers is indeed a very old one possibly one of the first ideas for gift giving, after all, who could resist such brightly colored and sweet smelling beauties?

I don't think flowers is an ideal gift (and shock of all shocks I'm female!) I just don't see their appeal, yes they are pretty but so are many plants, I don't smell any sweet perfumes coming from them and they die so easily.

I don't like to give flowers as a romantic gesture since their beauty and sweetness are temporal, they seem to say I love you, I care about you, happy birthday, happy anniversary, get well soon, congratulations but only for a limited time, better act now before they die oops too late sorry!

Maybe it's just me being grumpy, cynical, and sarcastic but it's my nature, we've been using flowers to decorate ourselves, homes, churches, wedding beds, and anything else we can tie them too for centuries so no reason to stop now I guess (not that anyone would anyway).

Now the gift of giving roses to a woman you love is one I can understand.

Nov 23, 2010
giving flowers as a birthday gift
by: Anonymous

I think, flowers symbolizes love.

If the person is someone you are not real close to than a gift of flowers would be appropriate as a gift. If you are looking to win someone's heart, and find that special gift on their birthday just giving flowers alone as a birthday gift is not advisable.

I would rather have a live plant than a cut flower that will whither and die a week later. Cut flowers are a beautiful touch to a gift. It shows that you value the person enough to add a little something special.

A gift is something that can be remembered, but when someone gives you flowers after they are gone the memory of that gift fades away. To make a lasting impression add a bouquet of flowers to a special gift to the one you love. I would be very disappointed that my true love couldn't take time to shop for something special for me on a special occasion. Women love flowers anytime but they are usually accompanied by a gift to remember.

If you give a special gift to someone you love, and add fresh flowers to it; each time the person views the gift the flowers will come to mind. However if you give a basket of fresh flowers along with plants that can be re-potted and nurtured you still have the vision of the beautiful gift.

The best advise I can give is this. If you are in a hurry grab some flowers. If you want to make your occasion more special add this personal touch to make your gift more special to the one you love.

Nov 23, 2010
Flowers do not necessarily have a specific meaning
by: Anonymous

In my opinion, giving someone flowers as a birthday gift does not necessarily have a specific meaning. I think it depends from case to case.

When somebody brings a girl flowers as a birthday gift, we cannot tell whether or not she is his girlfriend or if he likes her, or if she likes him. We can only tell that the girl will probably like her present (after all, most girls like flowers).

But if we are talking about a couple in which the man gives the lady flowers, the present can have a different meaning. He should chose roses or other similar flowers which are considered flowers that prove love. But in this case, the birthday is not the only occasion of giving flowers.

To be honest, I do not think that giving flowers to a man as a birthday(or any other occasion) is appropriate. It is possible that some guys ( very few, I think) enjoy receiving flowers, but I consider that the gesture of giving a flower should be done by boys for girls.

The article above describes many situations in which flowers were used in history. It is true that all of them happen only in happy moments or ceremonials, but I think that tradition changes over time and people should sometimes leave the old habits behind and adapt to the new ones. So, giving flowers might have had a different meaning 500 years ago, but I do not think that men should receive flowers ( not even from ladies).

In conclusion, flowers are and have always been a symbol of beauty, love or friendship, although the way people use them is somehow conventional.

Nov 23, 2010
Flowers, Memorable and inexpensive gift
by: Sweetu

Birthdays are considered to be special days in everyone?s life once a year. The gifts given to the person having his /her birthday makes the day more memorable.

Yes it is a good idea to give romantic flowers as birthday gifts. Flowers in different colors express your feelings in different moods. It is said that red roses are given to lovers, yellow roses to friends and white roses are given to maintain peace and harmony.

It is the best way to express one?s feeling and is rather inexpensive.

Different flowers have different meanings and one should know it before gifting them.

Flowers in bouquet or bunches can be purchased and a sweet note can be attached to it as a birthday gift.

Nowadays everything is possible with the click of a button. So near and dear ones staying far away from you can be wished on their birthdays by sending flower bouquet through online booking.

One has to select the specific flowers and bouquet that has to be delivered and the date has to be mentioned. The flower bouquet reaches the birthday person on time and sometimes he/she is surprised as it was an unexpected gift.

Sometimes people don?t have money to buy expensive gifts but flowers are such a wonderful gift that it can express the warmth and feeling of the person who gives the gift very easily.

The best part of the gift is that it is relatively inexpensive and can easily fit into one?s budget. Sometimes along with the flowers one can add a box of chocolates or a soft toy to make it extra special.

Nov 23, 2010
Flowers are a Unique Birthday Gift
by: Anonymous

Birthdays are special in anyone's life. It brings a lot of cheer and goodwill and a feeling of euphoria. Cake is cut, candle is blown, party is thrown, and gifts are given on the occasion. It is a get together of near and dear.

As soon as a birthday is announced, we start thinking how unique should my gift be from the others. A gift can be as unique as it gets.

Giving flowers is a very romantic idea.

Though the flower wilts and the fragrance lasts for the day, it blossoms in the heart of your beloved daily. The flower conveys a lot of emotions. Blooming flower indicates love is in the air. Of course, we know about the rose and its colors and it is handpicked with care. It symbolizes The creative spirit of love. True love stronger than thorns. Yeah a red rose says it all, what mere words fail to convey.

Nov 23, 2010
Flowers are Tasteful Gifts
by: Anonymous

Flowers are tasteful gifts that say how much someone means to you, but require little effort and do not cost a fortune.

"Flowers can mean love, but can also mean timeless values."

For me, it depends what kind of flower is bought and what the color is. For example, the rose is often known as the flower of love and given to someone when the person giving the gift is truly passionate or in love with this person. The tulip, however, is often know as the flower of spring, which symbolizes a knew beginning.

Because birthdays are one of the most memorable and important events in a person's life, a flower can mean the world.

Age Matters

Whether you give someone the gift of a flower also depends on their age. A daffodil probably won't mean much to a two year old for more than five minutes. However, an elderly women would cherish not only the flower for as long as it lives, but the memory that comes along with it for their lifetime.

It also depends on gender

Most males would not appreciate a flower nearly as much as a new fishing lure or the new Black Ops Call of Duty game for the Xbox.

Flower gifting depends on many factors, so you have to choose wisely, even though it seems like the simplest gift in the world, it can mean everything to some people. So, a flower can be a unique, romantic birthday gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or it can be a tuck in for a loved one, thanking them for what they have done for you.

Nov 22, 2010
Giving Flowers as Gifts is Acceptable
by: Lin

When it comes to giving flowers as gifts, I believe the rule anything goes applies. There are many people who don?t follow the age old guidelines that flowers are strictly meant for romantic relationships.

Flowers have been given as gifts for many occasions, including Mother?s Day and Christmas, so why should they only be considered romantic gifts?

I feel it should depend on the person giving the flowers and the person receiving them. If the giver is doing it as a sign of appreciation for the friendship with the receiver, then there is really no harm done.

As long as the giver makes his or her intentions clear, it should be acceptable.

As far as the receiver is concerned, if he or she thinks flowers are just a nice way of showing you care about someone, and they aren?t necessarily signs of romantic affection, then flowers should be given in the context they are meant to be received.

Flowers can be simplistic, or they can be complicated. Just like relationships.

If a person wants to proclaim his or her friendly feelings for another person, it should be kept simple. A small gesture should be reflected by the choice of flowers. If a grand gesture is made by purchasing some ornate bouquet, the giver may be asking for trouble.

Most people love being shown they are thought of and appreciated. Anyone who wants to give flowers as a way to show this should be able to, regardless of old fashioned rules that society developed. To each his own should be the general rule when it comes to giving flowers as non-romantic gifts.

Nov 22, 2010
Flowers as a Birthday Gift? Give, But Proceed with Caution
by: Brandon A

While I can see why some people may believe that giving flowers to a friend as a birthday gift is perceived as a romantic gesture, I respectfully disagree with their beliefs.

"Can flowers make for a romantic gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend?"

Yes, absolutely, but in my personal opinion, whether or not the gesture is a romantic one is entirely dependent on the scenario, your relationship with the person receiving the gift, and the type of flowers.

Allow me to explain my thoughts and mindset on the matter.

Take for example an attractive, random stranger you've only just met. Giving this man or woman flowers will more than likely come off as a romantic gesture, as it will usually be seen as a gift that says "I want to be with you," or "let's get to know each other."

On the other hand, say you give a bouquet of flowers to a man or woman you have been close friends with for quite some time. To me, that would hardly come off as a romantic gesture, and more a gesture of friendship, appreciation, or well-wishes.

Having said that, I think there are still a few rules that must be applied to determine whether the gesture is romantic or not. In my opinion, roses are to be seen as a flower that symbolizes romance, and giving a bouquet of roses to a man or woman will more than likely give them the impression that you're trying to send a romantic message.

If you're looking to give flowers in a non-romantic way, it might be in your best interests to avoid roses. Also, if a bouquet of non-roses are given alone, you will be just fine, but be cautious when accompanying them with any kind of card or note. The text inside could go a long way in determining their mindset upon receiving the gift.

With those thoughts in mind, I see no reason why flowers (not roses) should be seen as any less of a wonderful, non-romantic birthday gift. As long as you know the person, and are completely aware of the scenario and your relationship with that individual, you should encounter no problems at all.

Nov 22, 2010
unique Romantic Birthday gift
by: madurai saravanan

super article about the flower as birth day gift . For that you gave so many fantastic reference with different countries culture. Now i realize why the people give flower as gift for birthday. thanks for sharing

Nov 22, 2010
I Love Getting Flowers
by: Jeanne

Even though I've been married nearly twenty years I still love getting flowers from my husband for my birthday, mother's day, or any occasion.

Valentine's day is also good!

When we were first married he would go to the grocery store and pick out a colorful bouquet of carnations or whatever was on sale; now, he orders them online so they are delivered. And he gets roses for me now, which is extra special!

"I love roses that are white and yellow so he tries to make sure those colors are included"

They become the centerpiece for our dining room table, and I always take one and put it in a bud vase to keep in the bedroom. As time goes by and the petals flake off, I collect them and keep them as a reminder of the love that went into choosing the flowers.

My husband is in a wheelchair and it is difficult for him to get around, so the flowers mean a lot to me, coming from him.

I know he takes his time choosing the best bouquet each time, and each one is unique and different. The fragrance lingers for weeks, a constant reminder that he loves me.

Nov 24, 2010
Idea of giving flowers as birthday gifts
by: kuberapriya

I just love to give flowers as birthday gifts, because flowers are really romantic,that changes the mood, we also remember of those romantic days too, flowers do makes our mind open from heart they make us speak, god has created such beautiful gift that anybody in the world can gift to any one who cares them.

The most important thing is it is affordable too. There are more varieties flowers each vary in colors, size, shapes, smell too, some flowers are really heavens, when we smell them they take us to a new world, the imagination is so beautiful, on birthdays when we receive surprising gift as flowers feeling is warming and shows the love towards the person. It boosts up our mind make us feel romantic too.

Nov 22, 2010
Everyone Loves Flowers
by: jojo292

Everyone loves flowers!

Flowers have the ability to brightened up even the gloomiest of days. Not only are flowers a unique gift because of the many varieties and colors available to choose from, but they are also an all-occasion gift that can be used to express how a person feels about someone.

"These sentiments can range from romantic, deep love, to sympathetic, deep admiration, or congratulatory feelings."

It simply depends on the person the flowers are being sent to as well as the occasion being remembered. But regardless of the reason or to whom they are being sent, people only send flowers to those they care about, or someone they want to relay a special sentiment towards.

Men love receiving flowers because it is usually something they are not expecting, and because they are usually the one giving them and not the recipient. It's a sign to them that you care. And it goes without saying that women always appreciate flowers that have been thoughtfully chosen just for them.

So since flowers are such a fabulous, affordable, and well-loved gift, they are highly appropriate for many different occasions, especially romantic ones. They are also great for male or female friends, colleagues, family members, new moms & dads, hospital patients, etc.

By the way, don't limit the use of flowers by only giving them for birthdays or romantic moments. Just make sure that the flower you choose is well-suited for the occasion and for the person receiving them. If you keep this in mind, your flowery gift will be highly appreciated!

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