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Unique Kid Birthday Gift Idea

Looking for a unique kid birthday gift idea?

How about organizing for your little one a “wild west birthday bash party” and invite his or her friends to enjoy and have fun the old-wild-way. Some where in each of us is that little kid that wishes we were born in the days of the Wild West.

It doesn't matter if you are interested in blazing new trails in a country yet undiscovered, going on a cattle drive, riding the range, panning for gold or homesteading. There is just something about the old west that is romantic which is why it so appealing to both males and females, young and old alike.

The Wild West lends itself to exciting and wonderful unique kid birthday gift idea for the brave host or hostess. If you are considering a Wild West themed party, hopefully the ideas below will help get your creative wheels cranking so that you can plan your perfect Wild West party.

The Wagon Trail

In your backyard you can create your own wagon trail of sorts. This is an excellent party idea for the younger cowboys and cowgirls. All you will really need to pull this off is a covered wagon, an open fire to cook smokes and hot dogs and you can even get out a Dutch oven to make stew.

The open fire can also be used to keep everyone warm on a cool night and provide light if this will be an overnight party.

The Gold Rush

This is also known as the BLAST party thanks to the TNT. Seriously though, you can make fake TNT for decorations and paint rocks gold, frost mugs for root beer and serve corn nuggets and chicken nuggets with a gold themed cake to top it off. If you are going to do this theme with an adult crowd in attendance, obviously root beer doesn't have to be the beverage of choice.

Have everyone dress as prospectors and have them pan for gold. If you live by a creek, use this natural resource, if not you can use kiddies pools with rocks and gravel in the bottom and water. This is a lot of fun even if you don't strike it rich.

Naturally one cannot forget the cowboys of the old Wild West. To make the occasion more west appropriate, encourage the visitors to wear out their cowboy boots, cowboy hats, bandana and the six-shooter.

The ideal food for the party would be anything that can be made on a grill, hot dogs are often a favorite with the younger crowd, but steaks or chicken legs are also great.

The cowboys also need to make sure they have a good little cowgirl at their side. So offer up square dancing, which is excellent for guests of all ages.
The birthday boy or girl should be given a badge to set them apart from the other guests at the rodeo. You might also find that trip to the rodeo is a perfect companion to a Wild West birthday party.

Once you decide to organize for a Wild West birthday bash party as a unique kid birthday gift Idea for you little one, the important thing to remember when throwing a Wild West birthday bash is to make sure it is fun for everyone.

If you are inviting guests of all ages then make sure there is an activity that is available to each age group. You want to keep all your guests together and having fun, this is far better than isolating games so that the main focus can be on the target age group of the guest of honor. Happy guests, happier parents, means people will stick around longer and have a rip roaring good time. Yeee-Haw!

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