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If you've been searching for unique gift ideas for birthday, I got good news for no more! How about a Pirate party theme?

If you watched the movie “the Pirates of the Caribbean” and actually got to see how much money it was bringing in then you may very well understand why Pirates have been an object of fascination for children and adults through the ages.

It’s for that reason as to why a “pirate themed birthday party” is one of the more interesting, often requested and entertaining party ideas on this planet.

Of course, you have to be willing to take the time to the plan the party the right way. There are a number of things you need of course to create a pirate's party successfully.

  • The most important thing is your patience and great organization skills

You will need to plan for contingencies as well as to be flexible the day of the event. If you can handle all of this with grace then a pirate party may be just the thing for you, the perfect unique gift ideas for birthday you will all remember!

Arrrggh, the first thing you want to do is lay the foundation for the party with the invites. Consider crafting invitations as pirate map replicas. Let the “X” mark the spot for the party on the map, give the date and time and remind everyone to dress in pirate costumes.

The costumes can actually be a part of the games you have at the party, best costume wins a prize. This will let everyone that is coming know that you are hosting a pirate party and that you would like everyone to come in character.

You might want to use pirate rhyme as well on the invitation, as an example: “Ahoy Matey! Stop yer pillaging Lend me an ear I have a message for ye to hear”

  • Decorations and Games

As far as decorations, you will want to either decorate the room where you are hosting the party or the outside of the house look as much like a pirate ship as possible. Ideally you will want to hold this party outside if at all possible, that way you have ample places to bury treasure and hide prizes. If you are set on having inside or don't have a choice, be creative and innovative with what you have to work with.

Games for the party are only as restricted as your imagination. You can start the party off by holding up a clue and telling everyone that there is a treasure map that has been divided into several pieces. The first clue is going to take them to the first piece, and there they will find another clue to the second piece and so on.

This will give the guests something to do while you get the refreshments out and ready to be ravaged by the hungry pirates. Or if you need time to set up another adventure you are planning for the party, this will also give you the needed time to get ready.

  • Hunt for Lot Treasure

Once they have all the pieces you can tell the tale of the lost treasure and then let the kids go on the massive hunt to find it. You could also divide the kids into teams and have two different treasure chests and have it be a race to see who is going to find their treasure first.

If your children are younger you could do a pin the peg on the pirate game. If you have a pool you may want to play Walk the Plank. Just make sure everyone can swim and that there is at least one adult in the water during the game.

If you can pull off a top notch pirate party it will undoubtedly make you one of the most popular moms in the world, if only for the day. It will at least give everyone that comes including your neighbors, something to talk about.

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