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Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids

Instead of spending all the time shopping for unique birthday gifts for kids, then have to buy them, and don't forget the wrapping that goes with it and all that goes on as far as the gifting process is concerned, why not do something different and more fun!

How about surprising you baby girl with a "Teddy bear birthday party theme"

There isn't a little girl in the world that doesn't have a special spot in her heart for a teddy bear. I know that because our little girl says her best friend is her teddy bear and she probably loves that teddy bear more than life itself.

That teddy bear has been her constant companion since she was just 6 weeks old.

It has consoled her through nightmares, hurt feelings, and fights with her siblings, a new home and scolds from dad and mom. It is her protector, her best friend, her confident and her defender. So it shouldn't be a surprise that her favorite birthday party theme is the birthday party where Teddy reigns supreme.

Naturally the first thought that enters the mind when thinking of having a teddy bear themed party is heading to a place like Build a Bear. While places such as these are great, they give each guest a stuffed toy to go home with, they are also rather expensive.

If you want to go for a less expensive option, there are plenty of ways to do that.

If you are looking to be the mommy that every little girl wants then "the Build a Bear" is a grand idea. However if you think your little princess is going to ditch the teddy bear that has seen better days but has been there for everyone of hers, think again. She will simply just have a new friend for her beloved teddy bear.

A less expensive option for a teddy bear themed party is the pajama party or slumber party where each guests is asked to bring their stuffed best friends with them and they are the toast of the party.

Remember for young girls, teddy bears and other stuffed animals act as security blankets for them when they are in a stressful situation or are away from home. That stuffed teddy or animal helps make the transition as smooth as possible so the night goes on without any issues.

Some girls are ashamed of needing or wanting their teddy bear... so if the invite is for them and their stuffed best friend it allows them to bring a piece of home with them.

You can also host a teddy bear tea party

Teddy bears get to share everything with their human companion, so it makes perfect sense that they get to enjoy teatime together as well. You will want to decorate this theme as you would any other tea party, with flowers, tea sets (one for the human guests and one for the teddy bears). Make sure next to each little girl there is a place for teddy.

If you want to make it fancy, you can have name-cards on the table for assigned seating, as well as offer gloves and hats for each little girl to wear during the festivities. Food should be simple finger foods such as teacakes, cookies and finger sandwiches. Naturally you aren't going to serve tea, so punch for the cups.

Be sure to take a photo of each little girl with their best friends and send them home as a party keepsake in a frame. This will definitely be a party to remember and it will be a lot of fun for all the guests in attendance. Just make sure you wipe Teddy's face so that it is free of crumbs for his close up.

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