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Unique Birthday Gift Idea

Alright now, I know you are searching for a unique birthday gift idea, right?

Then search no more! As you and I very well know a birthday is a very special event. It’s for that reason that this page is here to help you make the next birthday to be a special day. If you are looking for a "unique birthday gift idea" that will work for any age, consider doing a movie night.

You can make your movie night themed party a drive in or bring in the movie home and enjoy all of the modern conveniences of heat in the winter months and AC in the summer months.

If you really want to have a birthday party that is unique and different then creating a drive in movie party is the way to go. Invite everyone you know, including your neighbors, so that you can start your movie when you want and that will decrease the chances of having some rowdy late comer coming to disrupt your movie experience.

  • Pick the perfect movie

The drive in movie theme can be enhanced by the movie you chose to see or show. You can even rent projectors and screens to show your movie on as well as speakers to really give the full effect of being at the drive in. If you wondering where you would put such a large screen consider using your garage door or if you have a shed you can use it.

Once you have the movie picked out you can make the party themed around the movie you are showing. If you have decided on a movie that is time period specific you can have your guests come dressed for the time period.

For example Grease would mean you and your guests are dressed for the 50's and a movie such as Animal House would be the 70's or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure would be the 80's.

You should make sure that while you have an excellent movie in hand that you also pick music to be played before and after the film that fits you theme. Dancing can be a lot of fun to fill in the time waiting for it to get dark and a great way to let it all go after the movie.

Set up a concession stand that will offer all of the drive in movie favorites such as popcorn (an absolute must for any movie) you can rent popcorn machines, soda, nachos and cheese, hot dogs, whole dill pickles, pizza and don't forget the movie candy!

  • The goal is to make it an evening that everyone will have a good time at.

Thinking about decorations, you could get cardboard cutouts of cars, hang up some of your favorite movie posters or hang Christmas lights that can act as lighting for the “parking” rows outside.

Make sure that there is plenty of seating so that everyone is comfortable. If you want you can rent folding chairs or have everyone bring their own chair.

Don't forget have a couple garbage bins on site so that people have a place to discard unwanted items such as candy boxes, napkins and popcorn bags. You may want to include a recycle bin as well, though not everyone recycles at home, they will other places if given the opportunity.

You can still create a drive in movie feel by hosting the party inside, though it will see closer to a movie theater. You can still put in place Christmas tree lights along the floor for “rows” of seating; keep all other lights in the room off. You can still rent a projector, screen and speakers for the evening. You might want to move the furniture in the room back against a far wall so that center of the room is open for people to plop down with pillows.

Again hanging movie posters or getting cardboard cut outs is a good idea and set up another room as the concession area so that your guests can get their goodies while not disturbing others. Hopefully organizing for a movie night out will present you with another option for a unique birthday gift idea.

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