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Searching for a unique 60th birthday gift idea? How about a “Tie Dye party theme” if you happen to be born in the 1960s!

Tie dye was something big in the 1960s and is actually one fashion statement that seems never to go out of style. People just love tie dye. The color combination in the neat swirled and mixed up patterns is something really pleasing to the eye.

Why is the Tie Dye party theme a unique 60th birthday gift idea?

Whether you were born in the hay day of tie day, celebrating your 60th birthday or you simply just love the look you can make your birthday something special this year with a “tie dye theme.” It is a theme everyone - old and young - can enjoy.

Since tie dye is a product of the 60s you can use music from the 60s to spice up the festivities at your party. Make sure that you spice things up by not limiting the tie dye fun to just shirts or even clothing. You can pretty much tie dye anything so as to have an array of items for guests. For example, to tie dye paper, have crayons on hand or supply watercolors. Be sure to also have some activities for guests while they wait on their tie dye items to dry.

More fun stuff to do t o spice up the party

You could also have other related crafts for guests. Have them make picture frames. Then when their tie dye is ready you can take a photo of them, print it out and put it in the frame they made. That makes a perfect party gift for every guest. Other crafts that can keep guests busy are to create tie dye accessories, like headbands. If you don't have time for everything to dry then have some plastic bags on hand for the guests to take their items home.

No party is complete without some good food

Once you have some activities in mind for the party you need to think about the food. No party is complete without some good food. Carry on your tie dye theme with the food. A perfect birthday cake is a tie dye t-shirt cake. This is easy to make using some fondant or most bakeries can make one for you.

Pizza also works since guests can put a variety of toppings on their pizza to make it colorful. You can even make it a bit unique by coloring the cheese, dough and other toppings with food coloring. Don't forget to have snacks, too. You can color many foods using food coloring to give the food a tie dye effect.

Unique 60th birthday gift idea

This party can be a lot of fun. Just stick with the theme. Tie dye works in any location at any time, so it doesn't matter if you have a summer or winter birthday. Tie dye allows you to create lasting memories since guests walk away with great party gifts. Just watch out when you are working with the dye. It can really stain. Protect the area where you are working and make sure you have protection for the table and floor. Clear plastic drop cloths are a perfect choice for keeping everything protected. Also make sure the area is well ventilated.

A tie dye party is a unique 60th birthday gift idea that is fun for all the guests and whoever is throwing the party. Parents will love watching their kids and their friends have a blast making tie dye creations. Everyone goes home with a great gift and plenty of good memories.

Kids love to get messy and a tie dye party will let them do just that. They also get to be creative and express themselves. This party works well especially if you have older children and teens in attendance. Teens can be hard to please, especially in the company of older folks but even they will enjoy a tie dye themed party. It will completely color their typical foul moods and make even the most difficult teen happy.

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