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Trusting Men When It Comes to Online Dating

by Jamie
(Jefferson City, MO)

I think that when it comes to online dating, men are not generally always forth-coming with truthful information regarding themselves.

I don't doubt at all there there is truth to what they would on there, but more than likely they are simply exaggerating certain things about themselves. They want to look good to women when their profiles are viewed. They don't want women to think they are crazy or mean or a little off. They want to be given a fair chance.

I wouldn't say that a lot of men go around admitting their faults right away on their profiles for dating cites. This can be understood because who wants to do that. But I think when you are reading the profile of a man you are interested in, maybe you should take it for face value. If you generally like their profile, then maybe it is worth a shot.

Although it might be best to assume that if it seems like a dream come true, it is probably not in reality. There are some men who will tell many lies on their profiles.

I would even go as far to say that some profiles are a complete fabrication of the truth. But I lean toward believing that it doesn't occur as much as one would think.

But I would have to make a guess that about 90 percent of the men on the cite will either lie or stretch the truth just a bit on at least one thing in order to look better.

It is similar to putting your picture on the profile. You can take it over and over until it looks like you want it to. Even if it doesn't look much like you, either because you don't usually wear dress clothes, or because it is a really old picture, we always want to be portrayed and nicely as possible. Men are not bad for this necessarily, just human is all.

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