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Builds Trust in Relationship
(Reason Number 3.)

If you want to keep a long lasting friendship, trust is essential. You have to be able to trust your friend with your life, and this doesn't come easily. When you trust someone, you know that they have your back, and will stand with you even if they don't always agree with you. This also works the other way as well, and your true friends need to know that they can trust you and know that you’ll cover their back.

Trust comes up in all kinds of situations. If you have a serious problem, and confide in someone, you have to trust that they aren't going to use your weaknesses against you, or tell other people what you didn't want others to know.

A good friend is someone you can trust to be around your partner, spouse, and family, knowing that they would never hurt them. You too have to be someone who is trustworthy, because a trusted friend can help in a tough situation. Let's say that for some reason you have an emergency and need to go out of town. Who are you going to trust to take care of your kids for a few days?

A long term friendship is good for a relationship. There are three basic yet important things that have to be there in order to maintain a long term relationship namely; honesty, communication, and trust. These go hand in hand, without one you can't have the others. No friendship is going to last very long if you can't communicate your feelings to them, be honest, and trust that they are going to understand.

Building Trust in your Relationship


What makes a good friend?

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How important is "the trust aspect" in your relationship

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