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True Friendship is based on love, affection and understanding and not on social status

by Sucheta

Status refers to the position one occupies in a society. Some people are born wealthy, that is, they inherit the wealth of their previous generation and as a result of it occupy the highest position in the status hierarchy. But a few are not lucky enough to be wealthy. They occupy a lower position in the status hierarchy.

It is really unjust to make friends on the basis of social status and wealth. Friendship is not a give and take relationship rather it is the result of deep emotional attachment you have with your friends and wealth cannot influence it.

I think it is wrong to bring status into consideration when we make friends. True friendship is based on love, affection and emotional attachment we share with our friends and not on the status of friend and his family.

If friendship is based on status then only wealthy people can be friends and the vice versa. But that is not the case with all people except a few who consider status of the other as the major criteria to be friends.

I never take status of my friend and his family into consideration while making friends. Rather I believe that a true friend is one who shares with me and is with me during my good and bad times. It never matters whether he/she belongs to a high social status or not. In fact status is just used for boasting one’s wealth and position. True friendship can overcome any problems that come across in life.

From my own experience I can say that we should not take status into consideration while making friends rather we should become friend with the person we like irrespective of his/her social status and wealth. Money can be used to buy everything but not true love and affection.

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May 23, 2014
True Friendship NEW
by: Anonymous

I love my best friend more than anything.. he is my sweet heart... my adorable darling.... I love him becoz I want to love him forever.... I don love him becoz he is rich... he is rich by his heart... He is my beats..... I m incomplete without him...... I love u friend loads n loadsssssssssss...................

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