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True Friendship - A Boon to be Cherished

by Surama

"A true friend is not like the rain which pours and goes away but is like the air sometimes silent and cool but always around you."

In day-today life we meet many people who affect our life in some way or other. A friend is one such person who leaves a strong impression on our life.

  • It is truly said that:
  • When two unknown people meet, it's luck,
  • When they talk, it is chance,
  • They become friends, it's destiny
  • They are still friends, it is faith
  • They will always be friends, it's a promise.

We meet and make friends in each and every field of our life but everyone cannot be considered as true friends. A true friend is one who helps us in adversity and is always ready to sacrifice his/her comforts for us. He/She guides us to be on the right path and to do good things and keeps us away from all the evils. He/She is sometimes harsh and rude to us but we realize that it is for our betterment that he/she treats us that way.

One can make friends with many people who will be there with us in our good times but it is rightly said that a "friend in need is a friend indeed." Distance should never matter because true friends always remain in heart.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in the future and accepts you for what you are. True friends are like health the value of which is only known when it is lost. It is a promise to all my friends that I will always be a good friend and remain in touch with them forever. One has to part from us and stay away and that is the essence and beauty of life.

I will always cherish those lovely memories, laughter and love spent together with all my friends. I will always remember them and be thankful for being such a good friends.

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