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True Friends who are Precious and Rare

by Sweetu

This is really a tricky question. True friends are very rare. Friendship is not to have someone who might complete your loneliness but to be with someone to share your incompleteness.

Making friends at social networking sites through online interaction are sometimes difficult. It is very difficult to find a friend who can be called a true friend with whom one can confide, trust and be herself. Once you log in to the site you search for the friends you know and then send a friend request. But sometimes it so happens that there is no profile photograph and a lot of persons exists under the same name. Then it becomes little difficult and one sometimes sends a friend request just by chance.

Making friends in virtual world is tough as one has to believe, trust and have faith on the other person if one wants to make friendship with an unknown person. Sometimes people of the same interest meet on the social network and become friends. There are also chances that you can become friends with a friend of your own friend.

One has to maintain certain level of privacy and respect while dealing online. Sometimes there are person on the social networking sites who don’t reveal their true self. It then becomes difficult to understand that particular person.

Social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter and Face book have certain settings in their account where everybody is not allowed to view the profile. One can set according to their choice of allowing all or only friends that you know. It is also very good as sometimes we meet friends after 25 long years that were with us in school. One loves to chat and share the daily routine after a busy day with friends. We can upload our snaps and put it in our album. It is a great site to share the special moments with friends.

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