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True Friends are like the Rock of Gibraltar

by Rob

There was a time when I had fallen into financially difficult times. I was in dire need to tide away the crisis.

More than the money I was also looking for someone to comfort me and encourage me about my future. It’s during this period I got to know people and how they slowly distance themselves if not altogether avoiding you.

All except one of my friends knew my predicament even though he was far away from where I was located. More than anything else I used to get comments/statements saying how I have landed myself in this mess. Suggestions too were plenty - in terms of how I could come out of it but the "all important helping hand required was conspicuous by its absence."

My friend implicitly understood that I needed support when my so called friends were finding reason of how they wanted to help but could not do so. He too was in the process of building his career and was limited in terms of resources to help me out with.

However my friend went ahead and shared whatever little salary he was earning. He constantly called me up and boosted my morale and told me not to worry. Something more importantly and unique was that he did not even ask when I would be paying back or if I could be able to pay back at-all.

That kind of gesture when everybody was turning away from me helped build my confidence and finances. Today we are both financially independent and I would not hesitate to help out people whom I can, but am certainly wary of "those that I call my real friends."

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