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True Friend: Ray of Hope During Our Dark Times

by Bincy Oommen
(New Delhi, India)

"A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."

- Arabian Proverb

Life today is so busy that we hardly get any time for ourselves, forget our family and acquaintances or for that matter, even our friend. Friends are there for you during your best phase of life, but friends who are there for you during your trying times are true friends.

This is an incident that occurred in the autumn of the year 2008. I was expecting my first baby and was in first trimester. I was working as IT teacher in a school. One fine day my post-routine working hour at school I was just relaxing myself in the computer lab when I had a sudden clutching pain in my lower abdomen.

I had some serious doubts about the well being of my baby, since I had started bleeding profusely. I rushed out of the work place informing the principal about the sudden emergency and reached hospital. I checked into emergency and called my husband from there. After a brief check up and a scan I was told that foetus had slipped down from its current position, which is why bleeding occurred accompanied with severe pain. Scan confirmed heart beat of the baby was normal but saving the baby was hard even with proper care.

Even though I was hospitalized and discharged after a week, doctors were skeptical whether I could ever see my baby. They could not confirm this until the beginning of fifth month, and hence they had scheduled a scan for me then.

It was like the entire world had come crashing down around me like pieces of mirror, as I had wanted this baby very badly. I quit my job and decided to be at home. The only family I had around me then was my husband, and he had no option but to get back to his work.

Sitting at home all by myself, made me stressed and anxious with worst thoughts of losing the baby or what if the baby was physically abnormal. Negative thoughts surrounded me all the time.

That’s when my friend who had been out of town had returned, and as soon as she came to know about my hospitalization she dropped in to visit me. Seeing her I almost burst out crying, she knew what I felt like, and I poured out my worst fear before her. Since that day she made it point to visit me daily and spend some time with me and cheer me up. She would make anything, what I love to gorge on, in her kitchen and bring it for me. This continued till end of the fourth month. And a day before my crucial scan she took an off from her work and dropped by at my place and stayed behind with me encouraging me with her positive words and support.

On the day of scan she accompanied me to the hospital along with my husband. She simply held my hand and said "It’s going to be fine". Somehow her assurance felt like the word of god to me and I just smiled. Scan confirmed that baby was doing fine and my pregnancy was normal. I was advised for long walks and mild exercises.

I didn’t have enough words to thank my friend and I felt I shouldn’t thank her either, because thanking her would be, like questioning her friendship and love towards to me.

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