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Today's arising question - Are men faithful and truthful?

by Vinay Patial

In today's world its becoming tougher to find the right guy for yourself, the reasons behind this can be anything, whether you take the broadminded, that people are becoming today or using someone for your benefit or just time pass.

From my point of view men are faithful and truthful. Yes, I agree that men usually don't put themselves as they are in front of women as in the case of online dating , because they actually want to know that whether that women will be right for them or not. So, they some sort of first want to see hows that particular women is? For instance will she actually tune up with him.

And this question is on both sides. usually this question is put in front of the men because they are on the stronger side, and it doesn't mean that women are on weaker side but there is more expected from men side. Both play mind games in the early stages of their relationship.

Question of compete arises when people don't want to fall in an relationship, they just want to pass time. And that is not always one sided. From my opinion mistakes or failures happen because of yourself. May be you are doing too much or may be you are doing nothing.

In order to find the a true partner for yourself you need to spend time with him/her. Know what the guy likes, hows him/her living style, nature, attitude, behavior and all that stuff that you want in your true one. Sometimes you feel that you are in the wrong place and you left that guy, may be what the other guy didn't want that. But it is because you don't want to end up your life with the wrong one.

We have seen that many people end up in a divorce after their marriages, this could be the reason behind that, making wrong decision or just making it too early for you. Everybody knows what kind of guy they actually need and with whom they want to spend the rest of their whole life and this need is on both sides. Its just the misfortune nature or behavior which leads them to end up their relationship.

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