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Throwing a Circus Birthday Party

Throwing a Circus Birthday Party is the Perfect Choice for the Big Top

When you wish to make a joyful child, think about delivering a birthday bash ideal for the big top. A birthday party with a circus theme is a great way to inspire and thrill your child and their guests. Remember, when you are dealing young children, their attention span is short, so make sure the party is cheerful and engaging so that they do not have a chance to begin misbehaving.

The big top

The big top is your starting point for your circus theme, which of course is needed. Keep in mind this might be a bit expensive with the decorations, however, you can accomplish this without the need to rent a big backyard tent. In addition, it is possible to make the tent right in your living-room, if you do not have anywhere for it.

You can rent helium very cheaply and then give the illusion of the top of the tent by adding several balloons for the ceiling and then have matching streamers. Additionally, when children enter the room, it can look just like tent flaps. You will need to move all your furniture so that it is flesh against the wall, which will allow the children to have places to sit on the floor near the center ring, which is where the best action is.


Next, you need to have entertainment for the children when you are having this type of event. For instance, you can bring in a clown, make animal balloons, or have a magic show for the birthday child. Moreover, you can get some face paint, which is always fun for children, and do not forget to add games such as corn hole, pint the clown nose, or ring toss, since these are all great for a circus theme. The idea of course, is to keep the young children busy and having a good time.

Keep in mind the big top will offer some great dining options that are very useful for the birthday theme. One of the best foods to have is hot dogs because children love them, and they are cheap. Moreover, popcorn, candy apples, and nuts are the perfect addiction to your birthday party, especially with the circus theme. Of course, you will want to make sure you have some helpers to clean up the mess afterward.

Reward bags are also fun for a birthday party and you can use bags of popcorn and fill them up with glowing bracelets, circus animals, bubbles, and many other cute items that kids love. Several oriental or party stores have excellent reward bags and gifts. Moreover, including a framed photo of all the children that includes his or her face printed or painted on a balloon makes a great memento.

Having fun is the Key

When you are planning a parts, keep in mind that in order for it to be perfect for the big top, make sure that you do not get too hung up on the smaller details, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves, that is the most important. If you are inclined, you can also lease out a moon walk, which the children can play and jump in, or rent a cotton candy machine, or have a real popcorn maker, which of course smells much better than microwaved popcorn.

Lastly, when you are making plans for the circus theme with the big top party, be sure to make provisions for in case it should rain if you had planned to have the event outdoors. Remember, regardless of the weather, the circus must go on, regardless if you are having it inside or outside.

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